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   Chapter 91 Trust

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Selina had been worried that Joan would be in low spirits since she found out the truth.

But she underestimated the endurance of Miss Gu. Last night, Joan did not fall asleep all night. Lying in bed, she thought of all these coincidences and all of them pointed to Darren. Gradually, she realized that it was a conspiracy.

She didn't know if she had brought bad things to him. After all, before she had come to the Lu family, he hadn't suffered. But now, since she had come to the Lu family, these terrible things had also happened to him.

Her low and deep mood only lasted for an instant. Darren must have been busy recently, and there were so many reporters waiting to see their news. At this time, she couldn't let them do what they wanted.

Linda guessed that every newspaper office would be as noisy as the one she worked at. They all wanted to discuss this topic at once.

The gossip with the celebrities in the real estate industry and entertainment could be discussed for half a year.

"I bet I won the bet the other day. I have told you that Darren would definitely go to see Lola. How could it be possible that he has turned a blind eye to the beautiful girl specially coming back from abroad for him? Such a person should be either impotent or indifferent, OK?"

The gossiper she hated the most in the whole office had the urge to slap him to death. Therefore, she poured the half cup of coffee to his hair without mercy!

All of a sudden, the man broke out. He wiped his clothes and shouted at Rachel, "are you crazy? Who the hell are you? Darren Lu is your lover or the sponsor? How dare you do this to me? You are just a nobody!"

"Lover and sponsor?" It would be fine if he didn't speak. He couldn't help but freak out, taking everything at hand as her weapons to beat people.

She had condemned Darren thousands of times in her heart. How could her bestie have such a hard time? Why she was deceived by men again and again!

And that Austin! 'How dare he refuse to tell me the truth! That day in the hospital, he wanted to tell me something but stopped on a second thought.'

She was so stupid that she couldn't figure out such a coincidence. She had mistaken him for someone honest when she heard that he went to see a client without any hesitation.

At the beginning, the colleagues around them didn't take it seriously. They thought that it was just a joke and a little unhappiness. But they didn't expect that it would get more and more serious and the fight became a real one.

They came to her and tried to separate them. "Linda, what are you doing? Stop. If the editor in chief sees, he will be angry."

"Good for you! Your skills and temper have grown a lot!" With the mention of the devil, he appeared in front of them, the editor in chief still wore the purplish red trousers. He stood in front of them, with his hands akimbo, and rebuked, "you two,

eves you, it will be the saddest thing for him if the people around him can't give him any support."

Her mind wandered for a moment. She remembered that when she was handcuffed and taken away by the police, she was holding Scott in her arms and begged him to believe her and save her.

At that time, she almost crawled in front of him and said, "Scott, you should trust me. I'm your wife. Why do you help outsiders bully me? I'm innocent. I really didn't push other people down!"

I didn't, I didn't.

The north wind was very strong, and the sound of the strong wind was echoing in their ears. She was wronged. It was like it would snow in a second.

Her husband, the man who she had shared her love with, pushed her hands away violently. She was like a beggar to him now.

The coldness in his eyes and distrust made Joan feel even colder than the fact that she was about to go to jail.

She was terrified and disheartened.

Therefore, she would never allow her tragedy to happen to Darren. She said to Selina firmly, "I have made up my mind. When the police come to take notes, I will stand firmly by Mr. Lu's side, no matter there are reporters or people nearby."

In this way, the rumors that they might end up would be scotched.

As soon as the car stopped, a large group of reporters lay prone on the car window. This was beyond the expectation of Selina and Joan. They had to lock the door from inside and call Austin for rescue.

"Mr. Lu." Austin went straight upstairs and entered the office. Noticing the flustered look on his face, Darren comforted him, "don't be panic. The police are coming? Just let them in. It's just a normal conversation. Please take back your flustered expression. You look guilty."

With his hands on the table, he shook his head and said, "it's not police. It's Miss Gu. She asked Selina to bring her to the Lu Company. She must stand by your side in such a crucial moment."

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