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   Chapter 90 Mislead

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She took out a cut of an old newspaper from her wallet, with the title:

"Mr. Scott's ex-wife was arrested because of attacking, she was put into prison and got her karma."

"She is the woman who once worked for Mr. Lu, Joan. And I was the one who was hurt by her." She cried sadly, "I was drunk and had a child with Scott. When she learned about this, I went to her house to apologize to her. I didn't expect that Miss Gu had been a princess since she was a child. She couldn't stand it, so she hurt me."

Lola opened her mouth, unable to speak for a long time. She reluctantly pointed at Jean's flat belly.

She understood and touched her belly with a bitter smile, "yes, I just said that we are both suffering from the same stuff. And about this, I'm more miserable than you. I have had a miscarriage twice. The doctor told me that if I don't pay attention to it and have another accident, it may be from now on..."

"Twice?" Lola flared up at Joan. "Did she hurt you twice? She hasn't restrained herself after she was released from prison. Did she come to hurt you again?"

When she had been in America, what Scott had asked her to do was to make Joan give up on Darren, and then he had asked her to go back to the Jian Company.

This woman had caused his wife to have two miscarriages. Even if he could accuse her reasonably for the first time, but a mother lost her own child because of her miscarriage twice, which also became unreasonable.

"You can say that it was her second time. She did do it herself. It was her that made me and my husband have a misunderstanding and indirectly caused a miscarriage."

Jean gritted her teeth. Of course, she would not be so stupid to tell the truth to this woman. She didn't care about her as a friend or a senior, what she needed now was revenge.

She needed a dagger that could stab in the hearts of Joan and Darren. And Lola Qi was the most suitable candidate.

She had to admit that the plan of Adam Geng and her husband was really good, much better than hers before.

"Anyway, I just came back from abroad. I am willing to work as a model under our corporation!"

She didn't have to say anything more. In fact, she didn't have any intention of taking back Darren, and her child was not exactly his either.

Why would someone kill an innocent child?

"Since she cares most about being Mrs. Lu, Darren, I'll definitely fight with her." It had been a long time since that expression appeared in her eyes.

The light in her eyes seemed to be a wolf that hadn't had its prey for a long time. She heard Jean described her like that.

I don't believe his childhood sweetheart would be worth nothing.

At last, Selina couldn't find a way out. One hour and ten minutes had passed, but Mr. Lu was always on time. Why hadn't he come back.

Tabitha had

strength to the Lu family.

"Then, what should she do now? Now she is still in a state of loss. She will believe whatever we say. " Jean replied, "well, I heard that Mrs. Lu likes playing mahjong? How about trying to do something from this hobby? "

"We don't have to play mahjong by ourselves. As long as she can play mahjong with Anna on the same table, she must spend a large sum of money! She doesn't have to pay. We can just take the money. She will believe that Lola's real strength is not as simple as she has seen. "

She rubbed her fingers here and there seemed to have countless bills flipped on her fingertips. "Meanwhile, let her show an apologetic attitude, and be polite and modest. For people who love money, we have to take actions."

However, Anna's friends are all fixed. How can she be willing to sit together with Lola to play cards and cotton up?

"You don't have to worry about it. Don't forget that we also know a Lu family member."

They looked at each other, and for the first time, they spoke out the name at the same time with one accord.

"Nick Lu!"

Scott had always been grateful that the second young master, Nick1, was a member of the Lu family, not his brother. If he were his brother, he didn't mind sending him to prison because he had such a hindrance.

She thought to herself, 'Darren Lu, you are not a emotionless man. You can't stand steadily. You have so many powerful people around you, but you don't know that there is another person who can hurt you.

He just wanted to be Darren Lu one day. In fact, that's also what I have thought! "

It was much better to deal with the idle Nick than to deal with the shrewd Darren.

If he could get a chance to be the CEO of the Lu Company, it meant that the Lu Company, which was always far away from the masses, would soon be in his pocket!

"I'm so attracted by your plan!"

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