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   Chapter 87 Losing Touch

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As the liquid kept flowing in the infusion bottle, time passed by.

There was no time when she wanted the wise and calm Shawn by her side. Only he would be loyal and make the best decision for her.

"Personally, even if you really want me to work with you, you also need to give me time to get out of this hospital, right? I'm very tired after talking so much to you! Mr. Geng and Miss. Bai, could you let me sleep for a while? "

It was necessary for her to gain more time. She still remembered what Shawn taught her when she was in America.

"Of course you can. Have a good rest, lady Qi. To show our sincerity, we will dismiss the reporters for you. We hope you can have a good sleep." The man stood up, took off his sunglasses and gave her a meaningful look.

This smile made the feeble Lola shiver all over. His eyes, his expression.

The man's both righteous and evil smile reminded her of the black robber she had met in an old and shabby alley in America for the first time.

It was the first time she was pressed against the temple by a dark gunpoint and asked for all the money she had. She didn't know the paint by an unknown painter on the wall. In the daytime she thought art was wild, but at night she felt weird.

The man's eyes were like the muzzle of a gun, as if he could shoot at any time.

"Miss, I want to leave the hospital!"

When a nurse came to make the rounds of the wards, her first sentence was shocking.

Was she crazy? As a celebrity who had a miscarriage and a car accident, she couldn't be poor. Why was she so anxious to leave the hospital?

"My words don't count. I'm just a nurse who can help you adjust the infusion bottle's flow rate. I need to ask the doctor!"

"Well, you'd better ask the doctor for help as soon as possible! I want to leave the hospital! The sooner the better. "

The reporters could come back at any time. She didn't know how Darren would deal with this matter. Now she just wanted to find a quiet place to rest.

The doctor asked her to stay, listed many things that may occur to her if she left the hospital. The feeling of this was the same feeling when the nurse told her that there was danger in taking a plane.

"It doesn't matter. I was lucky enough to come here by airplane. It's just a simple car accident. So what?"

With a bitter smile, the doctor was a young woman about her age. Many women lost their children because of various accidents every day. She had seen how crazy many women were after they lost their loved ones.

By contrast, this beautiful lady in front of her was still very calm. She had no choice but to sigh, "as a doctor, it's my duty to let my patients know what does good for the health and what is bad. I've written down the dos and don'ts on the medical record. You can go back by yourself and pay

en she gave a sympathetic expression to Ethan.

Selina was not in the office. A small assistant came to him for signature. "Mr. Lu, these are the documents you need to sign." After saying that, he asked in a low voice, "Mr. Lu, the reporters downstairs have been standing for half a day."

"So what?" Darren flipped the file back to the girl's hand and said, "you are the only one with a heart of Buddha in this company, aren't you?"

The girl was startled and dared not say one more word.

Shawn got off the plane last night and checked in the hotel booked next to the airport directly.

Maybe it was because the jet lag hadn't been adjusted so he didn't feel at ease there...

"I couldn't get through to her. What happened?" They parted for only one night. He frowned.

He tried to squeeze his fingers on the phone, feeling bad.

"Shawn." Jack's phone call arrived, "don't worry. Lady Qi is a lucky girl."

what do you mean? Didn't he wake up from her sleep? What did Jack, who was on the other side of the ocean, mean by saying "she is a lucky girl?"

"Shawn, have you watched the news today? Newspaper, magazine and all the major website are all about Miss Qi's car accident last night! "

A car accident! He hung up the phone and sat back on the edge of the bed. He took out the phone and tried to contact her as soon as possible.

The dense word covered him like a net.

And there were also some pictures of blood. It was about two hours before his flight arrived. He flipped the news page to the end.

The last sentence made him feel even more shocking.

"Miss Qi asked to be discharged in advance late at night. But we still haven't found her whereabouts."

Her phone was unable to be connected all the time, and now she disappeared from the hospital, which made Shawn flustered for a moment.

It was a huge city. Where could he find her?

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