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   Chapter 86 Leave Me Alone

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She just felt that it became more chaotic.

The Lu family's mansion was also in a gloom.

"Dad, have some tea. It's good for you." To his surprise, Anna didn't play cards today, but served him quietly at home.

In fact, it was not because she didn't want to go out. It was just that the outside of the Lu family was like a market, and the reporters stood at the gate, as if they had locked them in the house.

"Bang! 'With a wave of his hand, the delicate porcelain cup was thrown to the ground, together with pale yellow tea water and leaves.

In a mess, no one dared to come to clean up.

This was his favorite tea bowl that he had used for a long time. But now, he broke it himself. He looked so angry.

Anna dared not to make a sound. She never asked about business affairs. When her husband was alive, he seldom shared business with her. She knew nothing about it and was not interested in it.

'As long as I receive more shareholders' bonus, that will be enough. '.

"Dad, don't be so angry. It's not good for your health." She patiently helped him pick up the broken pieces one by one.

Andrew Lu said in a lower voice, "one is smart but he can do nothing to a woman. He is making troubles here and there. The other one is that he has nothing to do all day long but idle about as a boy of Lu family! Look at your two good sons. "

She pulled a long face to receive this outrageous accusation. She felt deeply wronged, but she forced a smile. "Yes, it's all my fault. I made dad angry. I'll call Darren and let him deal with the mess."

"Tell him to come back!"

After saying this, Andrew Lu turned around and went back to his room with his cigarette in his hand.

In the room, Nick was behind the door, which had been eavesdropping. However, it didn't occur to him that the woman had met his brother. Now the seemingly accidental car accident was aimed at the Lu family.

As a member of the Lu family, of course he didn't want to see such a scene.

"That bitch, Zoey! Good idea for me!"

He gritted his teeth and swore, but it did not work. He did not know what to do. If the police came to investigate the Lu family, would he be sent to do the investigation?

A man who had a guilty conscience was always likely to be seen through by others. At the moment, he didn't know whom to find. Although Scott had more ideas, he didn't know what he had done. Therefore, he couldn't explain it to others. He could not let others know! He had no choice but to adopt a dangerous tactic to continue looking for Zoey.

But how could he get out of the door?

He put on the same clothes as the journalists and walked out of the back door with a baseball cap. He did not draw an

n do this in the city."

It was after your plane landed and you turn to the hotel.

"Millions of cars have been hit in the city. Don't you think it's not a coincidence?" Every single word of Adam touched and hit her heart.

She was hesitant just now because she thought that Darren would not do such a thing. In her mind, he was more likely to be Nick. But the videos showed the opposite.

The second young master, who didn't care about anything and had nothing else to do but to spend money for fun, how could he be so calm while doing such a thrilling and challenging thing?

Was it really him?

After composing herself, she smiled, "thank you for your concern. But I'm not a grateful person. You tell me that you want me to sign the manual, why? Besides, I came back from abroad not long ago. What makes you think you can help me? "

She was still on IV drip. She pointed to the tip of Adam's nose and said, "what do you want? Or do you want to use me for something?"

Shawn's words were still lingering in her mind. "There are dangers everywhere after you return home. You have to learn to use your brain to deal with problems. You can't trust anyone easily, and you can't give all your cards to others easily."

In such a situation, it was hard to distinguish the enemy from the friend.

"Lady Qi, you're so smart. I won't say those sweet words anymore." Then a girl who was shorter than Lola walked out from behind and reached out her hand politely.

She held her hands and said: "Miss Qi, I am the new signed artist of this company and in addition, I have another identity."

After a short pause, he lowered his voice and whispered in her ear, "I'm still Scott's wife, Jean. You can trust my husband, why can't you trust me?"

It turned out that everything was planned.

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