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   Chapter 85 Don't Let Her Read The Newspaper

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Sensing the pleasant surprise in the driver's tone, Linda raised her tone and said, "yes, I'm a reporter. So I want to know some gossip news that other reporters don't know. In this way, my reports will be more meaningful than others!"

She was entirely lying on the driver's seat. According to the driver's gossips, the car was a black Volkswagen without photos. It was said that the driver was a pregnant woman who just came out of the airport or the train station, because the suitcase was scattered over there.

Most importantly, she was acquainted with some drivers and passers-by. She looked like a star.

The hospital was guarded by a cordon. People were all there. Linda showed her reporter ID card and squeezed into the crowd. A girl from the same company had arrived. She briefly showed her the photos on the ambulances where the injured were dragged on the ambulance.

"This is..." Linda looked at the photo and felt it very familiar. Although there was blood on the girl's face and her hair was covered, she seemed to have seen it somewhere. "She looks familiar. Is she the star?"

"Lola! No, I should call her queen Kate abroad because she is famous for her aura and cold beauty of Oriental women. I don't know why she would come back suddenly and then I would encounter such a tragedy on the streets of S City. " The colleague girl said lightly and shook her head regretfully.

Before she could finish her words, she turned around and found that Linda was gone. Linda called Austin in the corridor.

Moreover, Joan was not stupid enough to upset her best friend.

"Austin, something happened."

Startled, Austin jumped to his feet and asked, "what happened?" He saw her off until she lit up the lights upstairs. He didn't want anything to happen to her.

"I'm in the hospital now. When you sent me home, our company called and said that there was an important interview to be held on the scene. Guess who I saw after I arrived at the scene?" The tone of her voice was trembling. She had nothing to do with it, but it made her heart beat so fast.

This might be women's sixth sense. She felt that this matter was not as simple as a traffic hit.

Austin was still calm on the phone. With one hand on the phone, he grabbed his coat with the other, put it on his arm, and rushed out.

"Did the police go to the scene? What's the situation now? And what is the most common saying? "

"Traffic hit and run, of course!" Holding the phone, Linda walked to the ICU and looked into it. There was only a blurred figure lying on the bed. "It is said that the traffic police has deployed the surveillance video of the street. It is a modern black car without plate. No one has recognized such a car since it is the most common type in the city."

As he had expected, Austin's

ese titles are nearly almost saying that I direct the car accident to cover up my romantic affairs!" Instead of getting angry, Darren laughed. Only Austin knew that he must be angry now. So he asked, "did you see Linda last night? What did she say? "

Early in the morning, Linda called Austin. She sounded louder than the alarm in the morning, almost making him wide awake. "You're still sleeping? How heartless you are. Now get up and buy a newspaper or surf the Internet. All the news is about your dear CEO!"

Austin understood her anger. He tried to speak in a polite way and make it as peaceful as possible, ignoring Linda's strong resentment.

"She won't be so calm. Don't lie to me." As a man who had experienced a lot of ups and downs, Darren knew exactly what was going on. "Joan is the one I'm worried about. Tell Linda not to let Joan know."

He then called Selina, "you don't need to talk. Listen to me!"

When she heard his first sentence, Selina had a feeling that he had dialed the wrong number. It was like a threat from the kidnapper. Before she could answer his call, she heard his voice again, "don't let any newspapers and magazines be in front of Joan today! This is an order!"

"I know!"

Upon hearing this, Selina was so startled that she hurriedly hung up the phone. At this moment, Joan was in the bedroom with messy hair.

"Selina? Why do you come so early? "

After going through so many things, Selina was very calm and said, "I have bought the breakfast for today. Mr. Lu had something to do in the morning and left early in the morning, so he didn't wake you up. Look at the breakfast today. Do you like milk or soy milk?"

She didn't know what was in today's newspaper. What she could do was to buy as much time as possible and talk with her about something else so that she would not remember reading the newspaper.

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