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   Chapter 82 Please Leave My Car

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It turned out that she still cared about the Lu family. He didn't expect that she was such a persistent girl.

It was said that actors were heartless. Even though she had been in this industry for a long time, she was still obsessed with the troublesome domestic old love.

"Scott, where are we going now? Home or company? "

Home? His wife should be sitting in the corner and watching the fun.

In that case, Scott slowly closed the window and said, "let's go to the bar."

He should celebrate it in advance.

At home, Joan's eyes were scattered. Selina and Austin were still there. Upon hearing the news, Linda rushed to dream garden. The room was carefully decorated. Joan had turned into a flat balloon, which made her very angry.

She started to think that what kind of person Mr. Lu was and he turned to be the same.

"Where is Mr. Lu? Take me to find him! " Standing right in front of Austin, Linda raised her hand to poke him in the face aggressively. "Mr. Lu is always arrogant. I don't believe that he would miss such an important invitation."

"Miss Ji, I asked you to come here to comfort Mrs. Lu. He really has something important to deal with, and he will come back as soon as possible! Please don't! "

As a grumpy woman, she lost her temper. "He is Mr. Lu, your boss, not mine. The person I care about is Joan!"

Austin dragged her towards the door. Even if she yelled, it wouldn't change the situation. On the one hand, Joan wouldn't be convinced. On the other hand, she was even more upset.

So he had to ask Selina to accompany Joan. He still scolded at the big trouble, taking Linda by the hand.

It was very cold and Darren sneezed gently. He seemed to feel that someone was talking about him at home.

Perhaps today's meeting was wrong, but he still chose to face it, "if it's my child, it's my fault, I will definitely take the responsibility and apologize to you."

He frankly said to Lola, "if you want to have the baby and let me raise him, I will definitely raise him. If you don't want me to take care of the child, if you need me to pay the custody, I won't lose your share of money."

Or maybe because you don't want to give birth to the baby at all, I can take you to the hospital now. I know your identity is not suitable for public, and I will take care of your afterwards.

He had made it clear that she could negotiate with him about the child's education. But she couldn't marry to Darren.

No way!

"I always thought that you were an obsessive man." She was unhappy and depressed, which lowered her voice. "Now, you accept a divorced and married woman. Since I left you and went abroad, I have refused many people to be with me, be

't get it, nobody could.

"Miss, the moment you get in my car, you have to go. Where are you going? Give me a destination." Said the driver. Although so many people had got off the airport, this tall and beautiful girl was the first one to come up without saying where to go, only letting him drive ahead of time.

Lola was also taken aback. She didn't know where to go. Her original plan was to hold a birthday party in the restaurant that they often went to together in Darren's car, and then ask him to drive her back to the hotel.

Now her plans were all messed up. She had to go back to the hotel first and called Scott.

After coming back from the mahjong game, Anna found that Nick's car was missing in the garage. It was late. Where was her little son?

Recently, Zoey, the daughter of the Su family, had come to him several times. Although she was about the same age as Terence and older than Nick, it might be a good thing for them if they succeeded in being together.

"Darren, you don't know how to appreciate her kindness, but Nick can,"

Without thinking too much, she went upstairs, pounding her shoulder which was a little sore from the tiredness caused by playing cards.

In fact, Nick had been extremely nervous when he was driving. His foot was already aching. He mistook the brake and accelerator over and over again.

The phone in his hand was like a hot potato. The number was on the phone, but he didn't dare to call her. It seemed that he encouraged himself by saying that.

"To be irresolute when a prompt decision should be taken would only spell disaster! Make up your mind if you want to do something big! I didn't do anything wrong. "

He had been bothered by this for so many days.

Since the moment that the woman named Zoey walked into his room.

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