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   Chapter 81 Pick Her Up At The Airport

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Austin seldom whistled on the road and tonight he honked several times, which was quite unusual.

The sharp voice revealed his already restless mood. He was a person who was good at hiding his emotions, so his reaction tonight was also enough to prove his anxiety..

He didn't agree with Darren's decision.

'Joan's been preparing for the birthday for him for several weeks. She must be very disappointed at him, ' he thought.

"Do as I say. If I can't fix it well, it will only hurt Joan more. You know that?"

Austin turned a deaf ear to him!

"Turn around and go to the airport! I don't want to repeat my decision! " His heart was full of anxiety. It was obvious that he was not as calm as he looked.

Darren hit on the brakes and leaned against the back of the front seat. "What? Do you want a fight with me if I don't listen to you?" Austin asked.

Just like when they were the kindergarten?

These two men were of such examples. In the campus, nobody dared to fight with Darren, and the young master of the Lu family had never fought with anyone in the campus, because nobody dared to challenge him.

Even if they said they were unconvinced, their jealousy of him was only confined in their mind, and they dared not show it.

Their clothes were thrown into the car seat and the white shirt was tightly wrapped around arms. Few people passed by on this road, and if a girl passed by, perhaps she would get the nosebleed on the face of the two boys.

"Punch me first, otherwise people will say I bully you."

Austin knew exactly what was going on in this man's mind to get him pissed off. But he had no other choice.

Otherwise, Darren wouldn't have explained for himself if he was misunderstood.

Darren's fist whizzed past Austin's face. Austin dodged it in time

This guy really did exert his power hard! He would have been bleeding for hours if he hadn't dodged the blow.

"You don't have to put up with me. We have not fought hard in so many years. Since you are not satisfied with me tonight and I don't want to hide my feelings, let's fight it out!"

There had neither a boss nor a subordinate at the moment.

There were two men with the same figure and strength. Two big boys fought to vent their emotions.

But they were still fighting against each other within certain limit. When they stopped, Darren straightened his collar and said, "you should know that I'm not a person who is half-hearted. According to our investigation a few days ago, we might get a new clue today, which can unlock a lot of locks."

"But, why tonight?" Austin breathed deeply because of the fierce exercise just now. "Can't you do it tomorrow? Or the day a

s and old lovers!

So, even if it was only a rumor, they would spread rumors, guarding at the airport to try their luck.

When Darren's well-known car appeared at the airport, they knew that he won! They looked at the small camera with satisfaction.

"I didn't mean to threaten you with my child." Bess explained in a weak voice, feeling that whatever she said now would be in vain.

He wouldn't listen to any other explanation that he was determined to do.

"But, if you didn't threaten me with this, why would I be here now? Show up in front of you? "

The pair of eyes that seemed to have a faint smile on his face was no longer a pair of familiar eyes.

In the past, his eyes were full of love and yearning.

But now, there was nothing but coldness in his eyes.

Clenching her teeth, Lola opened the car door and got in without getting the permission. "But I'm telling the truth! No matter you believe me or not, I just want to tell you that my feelings for you have never changed for so many years! "

While he was still in a trance, she pulled his face and kissed him.

Darren was always alert. He had used the tea colored glass membrane to prevent someone from stealthily taking photos of his car window, but he neglected that the glass that fell down just now was not rolled up because of a conversation with Lola!

"Miss Qi, please behave yourself!" He pushed her away with great strength, subconsciously avoiding touching her abdomen.

A minute's tangle was enough for the reporters who had been waiting outside for a long time.

He was just thinking about Joan with his heart beating fast. But what he didn't know was that tomorrow would be a bloody challenge for him!

There was a car not far away, and the person inside smiled when he succeeded.

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