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   Chapter 80 The Night Before Surprise

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Since she had met so many girls, she always felt uncomfortable.

However, Joan was different. Although she had no makeup, her face was still very pure and fresh.

"Strangely enough, I have dealt with so many girls, no matter because of official business or private communication. Only Miss Gu seems to be congenial. Especially these days, I have seen the great composure of Miss Gu."

"What are you two doing here? Are you speaking ill of me?" Joan approached them and asked, "can you do me a favor? Is there anything wrong? If not, please give me a hand. I want to cook by myself! "

Selina showed a helpless expression and said, "you'd better let me do it. Although I don't know how to cook, Master Lu said you'd better not go to the kitchen so often and it's good to smell less oil and smoke."

"No, I can do that. His birthday is important, so I have to show my sincerity. Otherwise, what's the difference between going out to a restaurant and having dinner?"

Joan rolled up her sleeves. It seemed that she would not listen to what they said, not even Debbie. Tugging at Selina's arm, she wondered how her silly friend had become. She didn't know if it was because of reading too many romantic novel when she was a little girl. As a grown-up, she had experienced a lot, but she always remained a fresh attitude towards her other half.

"Just let her go. Let's just help her. Moreover, she is protected well by you and Mr. Lu. She is not a princess, so she doesn't need to be that fragile."

She recalled the time when she fell in love with that scum Scott. She went through the entire city and bought a gift to him. She just got her driver's license for one month and didn't even touch the car, but she shut off the car halfway. It was more difficult to get the gift.

She was in the middle of the road. She took the bus, subway and taxi. It took her almost half an hour to arrive at the destination.

At the thought of this, Linda couldn't help but purse her lips. What was the use of it? Her bestie was not worth it. She didn't know his fake expression. He was good at hiding his true colors. What's more, she was giggling happily with stars twinkling in her eyes.

"I told Austin that Mr. Lu would come home on time. He knew you would prepare a surprise birthday party for him a long time ago, so he kept asking me what gift you prepared for him." Leaning against the kitchen door frame, Selina smiled knowingly.

Ah! She had already guessed that such a brilliant man like Darren would not be hidden by her. She asked, "did you betray me? What did you say to him?"

The man was her boss. He paid for her food and clothes. Of course, she would do exactly as he said. She didn't want him to know her surprise.

Seeing the disappointment on Joan's face, Selina decided not to tell her anything more. She said, "I'm Mr. Lu's assistant secretary, but I'm also your go

a ground her teeth and took a deep breath. "Well, it's fine if you don't see me in the future. But I have to see you tonight. That's why I come back. I must let you know."

"What do you want me to know? Can't I talk on the phone? "

All of these had been in Scott's mind. In Manhattan, he had said that she shouldn't underestimate the feelings of Joan and Darren, and she shouldn't overestimate her importance in his heart.

Joan had occupied the most important position. She could no longer affect him.

"Okay, now listen to me, Darren Lu. I will tell you the reason why I come back from abroad and why I need to see you."

It was like the calm before a storm. He had a bad feeling. Unconsciously, he held the phone tightly against his face.

"I'm pregnant."

Pregnant? He repeated it in disbelief. He felt that the car didn't return to normal until it slightly shook. Austin's hand holding the steering wheel was shocked by the words and he drove with emotion.

"The doctor said that the baby is just three and a half months old. You can count the time. Or, if you don't come, I'll stay at the airport. "

"Hey! You... "

Then the phone was hung up. The atmosphere in the car was brought to freezing point by this strange phone.

"Austin, go to the airport now. Tell Selina that tonight there is an important client who needs to be picked up. Don't wait for me."

However, the car didn't seem to stop and turned around. Instead, it continued driving on the road. "I think it's not fair to Joan. You should have guessed how much she has done for you today in order to welcome you back home on your birthday. You are going to leave her alone because of that woman, the woman who had taken your money and abandoned you?"

He didn't know what the woman on the phone said, nor did he know what Lola did with Darren before she left. And his worry was reasonable.

Maybe she really came back with trouble.

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