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   Chapter 78 Return To Develop

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Anyway, you must take good care of yourself.

She didn't know why her bestie, who was always bold and careful, was so worried about the man behind Jean.

Joan told her, "because Darren has investigated the man before. He was the first man that Jean was with. When she was with him, she hung around with him. Only in this way could she have the right to enter upper class banquets."

As a child, how could she make friends with such kind of people like Scott? Besides, Joan had told her, that it was his flesh and blood Jean had when Joan was put into jail, not Scott's.

"Damn it. This woman is really terrible! Then why did you talk to Adam for such a long time? Why didn't you recognize him? "

They had a pile of information in their hands, which was enough to prove that they had an unusual relationship, but they could not figure out what kind of life Adam had lived in details.

She remembered that Darren had told her before that he was the most cunning man she had ever seen. He would never take off his half face sunglasses. It had a very good reflective effect. Only the closest people could see his true color.

So, through this remnant episode, Joan could only guess that the man she had seen that day was him, but she was not sure.

"Selina, please help me take down my violin." She sat on the sofa in a daze for a long time. She thought it would be better to play the violin. The music could make people calm down and stop thinking nonsense.

'Darren had sharp eyes and hearing. If I put the piano in the open, he would certainly notice it. Therefore, every time I finish playing it, I always put it in the innermost corner of the cabinet with the help of Selina.

"Okay." In fact, she envied Miss Gu a lot. Although Miss Gu had neither family background nor relatives, the Gu Company was just a legend in S City.

But you can always see her positive attitude towards life and don't see any sign of ups and downs.

After a piece of melodious music, Joan's eyes were a little dull, as if she was thinking about something. She was absent-minded in the process of playing the violin, and she said, "Selina, I want to ask you a question. From your point of view, Miss Bai is a person who does what is good for her. Why does she suddenly enter this industry?"

Mr. Lu had also asked her this question, but he thought it was more of a question than a question of himself. Mr. Lu meant that this move was put in the center of the chessboard, surrounded by other chess, but it was not started yet.

Her own understanding was: "she has always been a woman with a high sense of her own beauty. Perhaps she is really unwilling to keep a low profile in the Jian Company, or perhaps it is because you and Mr. Lu worked together to ruin her tricks and she has been in jeopardy and gained a chance

t obvious. "Honey, you have to be strong. You know, we will go back to see Dad!"

That was what she wanted. As for Joan, her jealousy towards her grew stronger.

'I can't believe that a woman suddenly appeared to compete for what I had. Even if I don't love him anymore, it's not a good thing for a woman who has been in prison to share what I had.'.

What Scott said was right. Even if Darren only hated her and didn't care about her at all, when she came back, she would surely make everyone get their own business.

"Joan." She picked up the photo on the tea table and looked it over. This woman was beautiful. If she hadn't been with Darren, she wouldn't have hated her so much.

That was the man who had accompanied her for four years.

She checked her phone. There was only one memo left. Since this month she declared to cancel all her work and activities.

She was back for his birthday party.

The two events were shot together. One was about life and the other was about work. Her traveling back to China seemed to be perfect.

As for her choice to develop her main career in China in the future, many media interviews were received, and there were many speculations.

However, she kept silent and chose an official answer. No matter who asked her, she would answer him or her that she was unwilling to leave this place.

She almost forgot where the door of Lu family was opened, but she didn't forget the hatred. She would always remember that pedantic old man and that snobbish lady, who belittled her impolitely when they were young.

But now, a vicious sneer curled the corners of her mouth. She was no longer the woman who came from nowhere and always ran away in case of any danger.

She put away the pregnancy test report and pressed it at the bottom of the luggage case. The next pregnancy test would be done in the hospital of S City.

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