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   Chapter 76 Rebuild Everything

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"What are you doing?"

Her undulating chest indicated that this woman was still angry. It was especially uncomfortable to be interrupted when a person was about to be angry, especially a hot tempered woman like Jean.

"Keep in mind that you're a public figure. Think twice before you lose your temper. If you're angry like this, just hang up."

Jean opened her mouth and wanted to refute, but she gave up when she saw the official face of Howard and the warning tone of Adam by her ear.

"During the press conference, you should remember what you should say and what you shouldn't. Adam told you before that I supported many actors and actresses. If you were obedient to me, your career would be very smooth, and if you didn't listen to you, you would be doomed to failure."

When he said this, there was no sign of joking or alarmist words, which scared her a lot. "These reporters must have known that I am Scott's wife, and I am afraid that I can't hide this matter. If someone asks me, what should I say?"

Howard said, "you don't have to deny it. You should show everyone that you have a good life with him. Moreover, as for Joan, Scott's ex-wife, you should take a humble attitude like a wuss to express your regrets to reporters."

"The weak one wins empathy" is principle that never changed in a fight.

"I know. It won't hurt to say the truth." She pouted her pink lips. Although reluctant, she had no choice but to take the initiative.

The media cameras in the hall flashed. It had been a long time since Jean had felt this way. Last time, she had been watched by so many people. It seemed that she was still at her wedding ceremony.

However, that day, the marriage of the most eye-catching couple were ruined by Darren and Joan.

"Today is my day." Feeling elated in her heart, she turned to look at Adam, who was standing in the center of the hall.

It was impossible for Linda to take some beautiful pictures of her. As soon as Jean came out of the filming room, Linda began taking photos. "Everyone will say that you are the most beautiful and pure. But I want to know more about you."

There was a post on blog that would only make people laugh. It was called the moment an actress would like to delete the most destructive moment. Linda looked at the camera with satisfaction. She felt a little embarrassed. Miss Bai, you are the next.

"Excuse me, Miss Bai. I heard that you used to be the architectural designer of the Jian Company. You once worked together with your husband, Scott and his wife. Why do you want to be a model all of a sudden? I'm curious about what you think. "

With a faint smile on her face, Jean thought to herself, 'I have practiced it in front of a mirror for many times, and it is most proper for me to do so.' she said, "thank you for your question. I love my husband very much and

buy something, but Darren didn't know what it was. Because she always sneaked out to buy something when she went out for business. She also put a box in the trunk.

He got the information. If it wasn't for something that Darren couldn't know, she would not be like this.

When she told this to Scott, he smiled, "Oh, I almost forget. Joan's favorite musical instrument is the violin. Her father used to pay a lot of money to find her a private teacher in her childhood. I think she wants to give him a romantic night of music."

But what if they had overrated Lola's status in his heart? All of this was planned on the base that Darren would pick her up to her home. But if he didn't go, and he insisted on going home and looking for the silly woman waiting for him, what should they do?

"So, it might be easier for you in terms of identity." "You should go to greet Lola as a junior. And then you should tell her how to seduce Darren. You are really a temptress, aren't you?"

It seemed that they hadn't been so tacit for a long time. She looked at her husband, as if it had been a long time since they had such a close conversation.

Does he still remember how attractive she is?

"So, are we done with each other today?" Joys flashed in her eyes. The moon light was good. She was in a good mood after the first press conference. Everything was at the most beautiful status.

"You've said it in the press conference. How can it be not good? Besides, when did I become a grudge holder? When did we have a hard time before?"

He smiled at Jean, opened his arms and patted his thighs. At the same time, the goblin flew towards his thighs.

Recently, Jean seemed to have become much lighter. He felt much more relaxed when he held her in his arms. The big bed upstairs was flat and it had not been in a mess for a long time.

Everything went well tonight. They started over again.

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