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   Chapter 75 Get In Trouble

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The white feather parrot seemed to be reluctant to leave its beautiful master. It shouted with its hoarse voice, "Don't go, don't go.".

"What's so good about you coming back? Are you going to meet the father of your child? Since he never cares about you these years, do you think you can win his favor by abandoning everything and returning home? "

Shawn was a man who was straightforward. His profession was very dull and monotonous. In his world, he only had the computer. If not for Lola, he could not even touch the edge of fashion.

His suit was either black or gray and the ties were ordinary. His wardrobe took up a third of the space of the bathroom, and there were only a few clothes scattered in the wardrobe.

"Shawn, after so many years, you are still thinking about the different things, both on the surface and in your heart." Lola didn't stop packing.

"Lola, is that man really that important to you? Isn't it enough that he hurt you once? Why do you still want to go back and let him hurt you again? "

Lola's hand froze for a while. He knew nothing. The stories she told him were incomplete. How could she tell him the entanglements between her and the two brothers of the Lu family for so many years.

'What does he know? I don't even know what I'm thinking about, I feel guilty towards him, and I miss him. I didn't know when I was drunk and asleep, whose name I was mumbling.

"Call me Kate! Lola did not exist anymore!"

This time, she would conceal her identity after returning to the country. Her identity could bring convenience to Scott. In exchange, he had to keep her real name and past secrets well for her.

Having lived abroad for many years, she never thought there would be such a great change. Many people were staring at her and Scott. There was no need for Scott to keep her secret. Some people even prepared a job for her.

"No matter what, in all these years abroad, the only person I should thank is you as well as my parrot." She put her fingers on the neck of the parrot, and her soft gesture made it feel comfortable. "After I leave, help me take care of it. If you are too busy with your work, send it to the pet store. I know the owner loves it very much, and he will take good care of it."

"But there is one thing, that is, no matter whom you give it to, don't let me know. I am a person who is decisive and never sloppy. For things that can't be kept, I don't want to know who his future will be."

Apart from that person, she couldn't help browsing all news about his family on the Internet even though she had made numerous curses and swearing.

When did his grandpa hold the birthday party? And when did the stock of his company rise most fiercely?

She knew clearly what was going on between the Lu Company and the Jian Company,

o out first. I will come back after I make a phone call. " Although her palm covered the position of the microphone, there were still a few words that flew into the ears of Abbott along the microphone.

He sneered. Joan was such a stupid woman that he didn't think she was pathetic. But with just a few words, he could feel how tricky Jean was.

'She asks me for help. Why don't I tease her a little?'

"Miss Bai is rich. Why don't you have a better stylist? I've been taking a break recently and I don't have time to deal with the work. "

'Rejection?' What an arrogant man Abbott is! 'Does he take me as a fool who knows nothing at all? I've heard that Abbott has promised Darren that he must be the stylist of his bride in the wedding ceremony. He nodded happily'

Now it was her turn. He, a stylist, dared to turn her down.

Jean was about to explode and she felt that she had run out of her manner. "Then, Abbott, could you please explain it to me? I heard that you accepted the bride makeup job of Mrs. Lu. But now, you told me that you didn't accept any kind of job. What do you mean?"

The tone was full of anger, so did Abbott. However, he did not soften down at all. The worse her tone was, the more he liked to contradict.

"That's a good question, Miss Bai." He threw a bottle of hair gel into the air and turned it twice. Then he caught it in his hand, "Because the customers I serve are all honest, but Miss Bai... I'm not sure if I will draw an ugly face out under this circumstance. "

After all, if one's heart is too ugly, I will feel guilty if I did a beautiful makeup. Jean was really shocked by his words!

"What... What do you mean by that? You..."

Just as she was about to give full vent to her anger, her phone was snatched away by Howard Zhang.

After hanging up the phone, he turned it off. Everything happened smoothly.

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