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   Chapter 74 Who Is He

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Every new comer would have a press conference where only she would be the focus. Actually, Linda didn't want to go at all, because she wasn't interested in such kind of conference.

But Joan had told her that a man, who had a rather long face, had said something baffling to her that night. Linda decided to go there to see what they had been doing and whether it had anything to do with her.

"The seat for reporter is here, miss." The worker kindly reminded her. She walked to the VIP table with the camera in her hand and wanted to see the VIP guests. But she was stopped.

She glanced at the name card in the middle. According to her working experience, people sitting in the middle were the most important people.

The famous buyer of the brand or the boss of the actress didn't show up yet. The name card was still on the table.

Just then, she saw the name Adam. She started to think, trying to search for the name in her mind. It looked familiar, but she couldn't remember anything.

She was pushed to the corridor, and the people inside didn't laugh at her. They blocked the way for people like Linda who try to have a look.

Obviously, he didn't want his face to be seen.

"Put on airs!" While she was walking towards the public security cameras behind her, she suddenly bumped into a tall man. Due to the inertia, she fell back. And the scream, which seemed to be subconscious, came out from her throat.

But the speed of the voice was not faster than the speed of the man. Her body was held up by the tall man and returned to normal. Her mouth and nose were tightly clasped by a thick palm and brought to the elevator.

"What are you doing? Robbery or rape?" She was almost out of breath because of him. Fortunately, he loosened his grip and freed her.

She took a few deep breaths before she looked up at him.

'Well, I have seen this side face, this jaw and the cold expression from the sunglasses. It seems that I have met him somewhere before, ' she thought.

"Aren't you the bodyguard of Darren? Austin, right? "

Austin was still mad at her words, "Are reporters all exaggerated? Rape? Miss Ji, are you looking forward to it because you don't have a boyfriend? "

He looked at Linda with a pair of playful eyes. He didn't know why, but he seldom talked much. Even Selina would only discuss work arrangement with him.

Why did he look at this woman today and felt he could not help but want to tease her? He was even a little satisfied to see her flushed.

"I am not!"

After saying this with her head down, the air was awkward. No one knew what she was saying.

Since they had been in a closed room, Austin felt a little uncomfortable to be too close to her. After all, he hadn't stayed alone with women other than Selina and Joan for a long time.


was no need to be afraid of robberies from slums.

Besides, she wouldn't allow anyone else to enter her room except for this man.

She didn't understand the language when she just arrived in America. She fainted in the kitchen when she was working in a western restaurant. It was this young man named Shawn who sent her to the hospital.

She always remembered that when she opened her eyes, there was nothing but a young man with a serious smile sitting in front of her. He was even a little dull. He said: "You are pregnant, but you are on the night shift with the white duty. Do you want to die?"

She suddenly burst into tears due to his words. She couldn't bear her regret and tiredness anymore.

"Who are you? My husband didn't even care about me when I was pregnant. Who asked you to send me to the hospital? Maybe we are the same. We both shouldn't live in this world."

The man was still expressionless, and he ignored the self-abandoned complaint as well as her tears. He only indifferently answered her four words.

"My name is Shawn."

He said it without any emotion. They got familiar with each other gradually, even after Lola became famous, she asked him why he wanted to save an irrelevant stranger.

Shawn explained that when he first came to this country he was helpless as well, he could not afford to pay the rent. But a kind Chinese helped him.

A good fortune befell from then on. He worked harder and finally made some small achievement in IT industry that he loved.

"Maybe it was fate. After meeting a difficult client, I ordered a pizza and took it home. Then I happened to meet you in a coma. I was thinking, perhaps this is fate, telling me that kindness is supposed to be passed. "

White feather parrot had learned the word: kindness. Although they it sounded not quite alike, it was enough to be recognized clearly.

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