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   Chapter 73 Stick To The Same Goal

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Nothing could be kept secret all over the world. Therefore, when Scott got to know the route of Jean Bai from somewhere, she was stopped by his new stylish Infiniti at the crossroad.

"Jean, a car blocked your way. I don't know who is in the car. It seems that someone is coming towards you." The driver honked the horn to the car that was stopping him in a hurry and anger, but the driver didn't budge. Instead, he stood in the middle even more firmly.

She guessed that person might be one of her new fans. She had become a little famous lately. While walking, some people would even point at her hesitantly if she didn't wear the sunglasses.

"Eh, isn't she the new model? I met her at the jewelry show. "

"Oh, yes, it's her. Wow, so many stars are willing to keep a low profile. We can even see the stars on the road."

She had to admit that she enjoyed the feeling of being the center of attention at the peak of this society after being packaged. In the construction industry, she was not able to achieve this level because of her lacking of ability.

At the beginning, she was reluctant. But now she gained enjoyment.

"Let's see what she wants to do. She just wants to take a photo with me and ask for an autograph to satisfy herself."

Without raising her head, Jean kept fiddling with her fingernails. She didn't notice that the familiar face was approaching her car. The driver noticed that there was something wrong with the face, but he didn't say much.

He was just a driver, not a bodyguard or an agent. He didn't have the responsibility to send the person to the right place. This kind of thing had nothing to do with him.

"Miss Bai, can I have the honor to invite you to go home with me? Do your fans and your PR company know your past?"

Jean was startled by the sudden voice. Scott knew all about her history. He was not a gentleman at all. If he got angry, he might be able to do anything.

The door was slowly opened. "Miss Bai, we will have a press conference an hour later. Mr. Zhang and Mr. Adam Geng both asked me to send you there before the starting time. It will be very difficult for me if you do this."

The driver turned around from the driver's seat and reminded her gingerly. Jean was a little hesitant, but her eyes met with a look of raising eyebrows of Scott's.

He seemed to not care at all.

"I know. I know what to do. Give me 20 minutes. This gentleman just came here to talk about something. I will come back in time. You just stay there and wait for me."

Though she was annoyed by his attitude, she decided to follow his words.

She didn't know whether Scott took her here on purpose or not, so she pulled her hat down a little bit guiltily.

"Don't worry." Scott snorted:" Are you a model? You can't even admit it your husband?" Of course

home tonight? When the press conference is over. I'll wait for you at home. "

Scott put his hand on the back of her hand. It had been a long time since he touched her soft and fair skin which was like a jade. When his hand covered her again, he felt touched by her.

At the same time, a thick stack of newspaper was put in front of Joan heavily.

"Linda, do you think whether she will say anything on today's press conference or not?" She gently nudged Linda who was eating fruit beside her. She was supposed to attend the event tonight because she had already prepared her identity card as a reporter.

However, she looked down upon the newcomer angrily, and refused all the pressure and temptation from her leaders.

"This is a task which everyone wants to get. This is a new employee who will make the newspaper sell a lot. You will also have a breakthrough after this. Don't you want this month's bonus?"

The bonus was tempting, but the stories between Jean and Joan were all seen in her eyes, how could she be so indifferent to the new comer? She was afraid that she would throw up at the sight of her face and her pretentious smile.

"I just can't see her face. She is such a vain woman. Why does she have to pretend to be pure and lofty! Who can't be a star? Look at her. She is so frivolous. It seems that she has walked on the stage of Victoria's secret or become a supermodel in Hollywood. "

Holding Lina's wrist, Joan asked in a serious voice, "Do you think you can get an interview now?"

"Of course I can. Because no one was there at all and all of them were on business trips, I have to go. At last, she left a message to me to let me decide by myself! I still have the journalists' card. "

Great! She took Linda's hand.

"You must go. And you must find out who the guests are and what the appearance of the leading guest looks like."

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