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   Chapter 72 Undercover

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A girl who had just graduated from university found it difficult to get a job as a spy. But Joan persuaded her.

Darren and Uncle Fred asked her to get along well with Scott's assistant. She had been worried that she wouldn't hide her emotions and failed to do something like that.

Moreover, "Why can't I ask her face to face?" She always had such an idea.

Joan's words convinced Shelly within a few minutes.

How much hardship she had gone through in prison and how much tears she had shed, Shelly found it hard to believe, not to mention that Joan had personally experienced it.

"They went too far! It turned out that he had put you behind bars and divorced you when I called Scott!" Joan nodded at her, as if she weren't hurt at all. Shelly was so surprised that she couldn't close her mouth.

"Oh, my God! Why am I so stupid? I just thought someone would come here to help you, but I didn't expect that he would hurt you so much!"

Life was like a drama. Everyone relied on his or her acting skill. At that time, how could a young girl know the danger of this society.

But now, Shelly had experienced for a long time. Although she was not as wily as Selina, it was enough for her to deal with some simple problems.

"Take it easy. What we do as an assistant is what our boss asks us to do. Maybe he has high expectations of you, so his requirements are high." She took her hand warmly and went on shopping.

Scott's assistant was two or three years older than Shelly. And Shelly kept showing her kindness asking, "What makes you so irritable?"

"Scott asked me to find out who his wife contacted recently. It is said that it has been spread crazily tonight that Jean marched into the model circle, and she was on a T-stage for tonight's jewelry show."

"So what?" Shelly blinked her eyes and asked. She didn't understand why Scott had to make a big investigation. After all, she could also have a good job in modeling industry.

"What is wrong with that? You're still a young girl and you don't know much about modeling. It's impossible for her to make her name known in such a short time. What's more, she is showing up here so soon! Who is the backstage manipulator? Who is helping her? Does it have anything to do with Jian Company? "

Helping her? Shelly felt a little dizzy upon hearing this. What a complicated relationship.

Uncle Fred told Darren what he heard from Shelly. He didn't know why Jean became a model and it seemed that it had nothing to do with Scott, but he felt there was something wrong.

Woman's sixth sense was inborn, and so was men's. Recently, Darren had been uneasy because of what could happen.

"Joan, is it a boy or a girl in your belly?" Linda brought a lot of food that Joan used to like to eat to visit her. As s

right tune in most parts. There was no problem in her playing.

Joan was still the same, raising her chin slightly, and the expression on her face was confident and calm.

"Selina, remember not to mention a word to Darren when you go back. This is the gift for him on his birthday. As for the melody, it doesn't matter at all and there isn't any new meaning, but I have to write something for him!"

With her eyes twinkling, Linda said, "How romantic it is! I haven't seen you prepare a gift so carefully for someone for a long time. I finally see this again!"

She was a big talker, but eventually she managed to keep her mouth shut when she wanted to say, "last time I saw you prepare it carefully for Scott's birthday party." But she had to swallow it back.

She had a bad memory back then, because she knew her boyfriend liked to have fun, so she particularly went to a lot of friends whom she knew. Her friends had a good time together, and she even made a large-sized cake in person.

However, they chatted late at night, and the main character didn't show up, in the end they just got a call.

"Joan, I'm really sorry. I have something urgent to deal with, so I can't leave. Please have fun. Don't wait for me."

With just a few words, the romantic dinner party, which should have been filled with joy, was turned into a one-sided scene of Joan.

"Linda, do you think Darren will like it? Selina, you know Darren very well. Do you think it's too simple for him as a gift? I always feel that he likes quietness. "

Selina knew Mr. Lu well. He was a cold man who is warm inside, both physically and emotionally. His indifference was only for those who didn't matter to him, not for his girlfriend.

Hence, she shook her head in a serious manner.

"No, I'm sure he'll love it no matter what you give him as a birthday present."

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