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   Chapter 70 The First Show

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I will go back to that cold yet strange city in a few days.

A tall and beautiful woman in a tight dress attracted the attention of a group of men with blond hair and blue eyes. She walked like a queen, waiting for the camera shooting.

On the bench, men were flirting with her with coffee or milk tea. But every time, the woman refused them.

"I'm married." When she spoke, she put her hand on her belly. The baby was still taking shape.

She looked at the air ticket she had just taken out and saw the destination of the next flight, S City.

Generally speaking, it was not safe for a pregnant woman to take an airplane because she was still in a very dangerous condition. It was highly risky for her to do that. In fact, Scott was not a gentle man. What he cared about was the help she would bring to his plan after she came back. He didn't care whether it was safe to do that or not.

In fact, she also knew about it. It was a bad news for her to stay abroad and unable to come back. She would not starve to death as long as she had a job here. But she didn't know the direction of that life.

At that time, darkness enveloped the whole country. Austin's voice was much gloomier than the darkness in the night, "Mr. Lu, I'm not sure if I should tell you one more thing."

"What is it?"

After a short pause, he said, "Recently, I found that Scott has a much busier schedule than before. And the recent cooperation of the Jian Company has not extended to the overseas projects."

Having been working for Darren for many years, she had developed an insight into what was going to happen.

What the hell was he doing? Darren was lost in thought, 'Who is at abroad?'? Who could threaten him and Joan?

"Lola Qi!" Such a woman suddenly emerged in his mind, but there was no strong evidence to prove that she was the one Scott visited.

After all, they were in different world. It was said that the model worked in America in recent years had gained appreciation of her beauty.

He didn't intend to dig it out. Those domestic magazines and commercials that flashed across on the TV were all her familiar face.

"I don't know what the little jealous woman will be like if she knows it. She only knows the Chinese name of Lola Qi. I don't know that she hasn't named Lola Qi since she went to America."

Many fans called her queen.

She walked like a queen.

Joan was bored to stay at home every day. In the daytime, Darren was busy with his work, and she hadn't seen him in the day. In the evening, when he came back, he had tried his best.

"Darren, could you come back early tonight? I feel so uncomfortable staying at home recently. I want to go shopping."

She had been behaving herself for just

far as she could remember, many clothes in Darren's wardrobe were marked with this brand.

Although she didn't know which country this brand belonged to, she remembered its logo in her mind.

"The waistband is very nice!" Like a loving and caring wife, Joan always tried to match her husband, instead of dress herself up.

Although she studied architectural design, she has the same aesthetic standard, and is good at color matching. The belt in her hand, made of leather, was very exquisite in the shape of clouds with dark grain, and the golden belt was noble and extraordinary.

"You have a good taste, miss. This belt is a limited edition new product, which was flown from the headquarters to the market on this continent."

The saleslady envied Joan and Darren as they made a perfect match. Joan was even more interested. "This shirt and tie," she said.

She took out three sets in one breath and put them all in Darren's arms. "Go in and try them on. This is the first time I buy a man clothes. I don't know my taste!"

"Your first time?" He raised his eyebrows and asked her with the clothes in his arms.

He said jokingly.

"What are you thinking about? It's, of course, the first time. He has never accompanied me to go shopping. In the past, whenever I went shopping, I would ask Linda to go shopping together."

She scratched her fingers across the clothes, not understanding what he meant. She thought he was serious about not buying any clothes for Scott.

The flick was tender and smooth, it didn't leave any mark on her forehead as he didn't make any effort at all.

"Silly girl, how could I have a silly wife like you?"

Joan rolled her eyes.

"Then, how dare you play a trick on me! I'm going to give them to someone else. Don't try them on! "

Darren held her hands, feeling warm.

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