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   Chapter 69 go home

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Bang! The door was pushed open before the two men came back to their senses from the great shock. In surprise, Darren looked at Austin and his mother and brother who were standing in front of him with a flushed face.

It seemed that they had a quarrel. Although Austin's facial expression didn't change, he breathed heavily. It seemed that he had talked a lot before he calmed down.

Besides, his mother looked ruthless, as if she had lost money in playing mahjong.

"Austin, why are you here? Didn't you say that you have some personal affairs so you asked for leave from me tonight? Is this your personal affairs? "

Darren was confused. His friends never lied to him.

He walked over and picked up a thick pile of information about Joan, but there seemed to be no bad news that could not be released. It was all about her efforts and achievements over the years.

"I'm sorry, Darren. I don't want you to know it. Mrs. Lu asked me to help her find all the information about Miss Gu. She also warned me not to tell you. So I came here without informing you."

These documents were very good. Darren patted him on the shoulder and thought that Austin deserved to be his capable assistant and knew how to deal with such things.

It seemed that he had just been spite a lot. Anna said first, "You are really my good son. You have found Joan who we cannot judge. You found a subordinate we cannot judge as well?"

The more she said, the more excited she was. She didn't see her son's increasingly cold expression. "There are so many people coming out of the prison around you. Do you want to deliberately disgrace the Lu family, or do you dislike me living too long, and want to piss me off?"

"Lowering myself?" Looking down at his mother, he said, "No wonder when my father was alive, he couldn't tell you anything about business. You are so superficial. Can't you see any good thing of human nature except money and status?"

The whole apartment was filled with anger. Upstairs, Grandpa took a look at the situation downstairs. He just stood there quietly with a stick. He would like to see how capable his grandson was to deal with such a scene.

Joan looked at her watch. It was late. Darren had told her that he wanted to go home, but he hadn't come back yet.

Was it because his family made things difficult for him and they didn't like her? She grabbed the clothes and was ready to go out, but it startled Selina who had been busy in the kitchen.

Joan was like a living Buddhist now, and Selina was responsible for taking care of her. As soon as she saw Joan was about to rush out of the house, she was almost scared to death by a small threshold.

"Miss Gu, it's so late. Where are you going? Mr. Lu has exhorted you repeatedly that you can't go out at this time."

Pregnant women would do this. Their dependence on men was on the peak.

f to celebrating his birthday.

Perhaps Mr. Lu's spring and happiness would come soon.

Darren's mind was full of the worries about Joan. Obviously, he didn't want to argue with Anna anymore. What he wanted to do was to marry her and there was no need for her to say yes.

"What's wrong with the people in prison? She didn't even dare to kill fish. She is more kind-hearted than you. She's good to be my wife. As for Austin..." They looked at each other. "The man who can do anything to protect his beloved is a real man, much more manly than the little boy in our family."

He stared at Nick, forcing him to lower his head. Although he was not convinced by him, as long as his brother became serious, he would say nothing.

"Mom, take the opportunity that I still call you mother, do not hurt me, do something for Lu family and dad's good. Grandpa has already figured out that as long as a person is good, there is no mortal constraints of her family, why are you not willing to think through?" There was no loophole in his words that could be criticized. Instead, Anna, who was so angry just now, failed to find any word to refute, so she stood there stiffly and embarrassedly.

It didn't take him much time to stay at home, but such a short time made him feel more tired than dealing with his work in the company in the day. "Austin, drive me home. It's the same as before. No one in the Lu family has the right to order you to do anything except me," said Darren.

He said these words not only to Austin, but also to his mom and brother.

After all, it was not easy for a man to live in a family like this.

He didn't give a damn about it. He was a man of mission for the Lu family and he had hopes for his father.

"Let's go home."

This was their home, but it was not a safe home.

Austin started the car in silence. For so many years, these were the most bitter words he had heard.

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