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   Chapter 68 Make Things Difficult

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"Move that table carefully. Don't make too much noise."

"Don't touch Mrs. Lu's belly. Take a detour."

Said Selina calmly while she was telling the moving men to move. But the one who was extremely NOT calm was exactly Darren. He only felt that it was dangerous for anyone who stayed with Joan now. They were several meters away from each other, but it seemed that they would fall down at any time.

He wanted Joan to move to his apartment instead of the Lu family. His grandfather had asked him about it, and he had taken her back to see him several times. Joan was smart. She was interested in playing chess after watching the games, and She bought a few books and began to study them.

Grandpa was old, and he liked quiet girls most, so he taught her several times.

However, Anna and Nick didn't welcome her at all. Joan didn't like them either.

"Darren, I have a feeling that your brother is more greedy than Scott. I don't know why he cannot be in charge of the company? Does he have any bad hobby? Or any other story? "

Darren held her shoulders and put her on his soft big bed. He said, "My mother has spoiled him since he was a child. He was younger than me, but he was more talkative than me. Every time we made a mistake, I would get punished with my teeth gritted. When he turned around, he immediately went to my mother to complain to her. And my mother always protected him. As a result, he is who he is today."

But even if Nick was spoiled by Anna, it cannot be like this. She was still a spoiled princess in her childhood and suffered from lots of troubles.

"Of course not. I've been working in the company for so many days and I've never seen him. He is your brother. Generally speaking, he should be the general manager or executive director in such a family business. But why has he never been to the company?"

She kept asking such a series of questions. Darren gave her an indulgent kiss on the forehead. Since he had promised her that he wouldn't hide anything from her, he would tell her whatever she asked.

"It's not that he doesn't come to the company. If he comes, I'll ask Austin or Selina to take him back,"

"Then why?" She blinked and asked.

Nick was likely to have done something bad. However, it had been so many years since that event happened that it could only become a suspense.

"Because he tried to transfer the company funds into the private pocket but I discovered him. So I will never trust him again after that."

Even the shares of the company were given only the smallest part to him.

But it's still not enough for him. Most of the shareholder dividend of Anna's will be given to her younger son.

Therefore, he had the right to refuse her unreasonable reque

you and now you even bully my mother when you're here, do you want to die?"

After saying that, he wrinkled his collar with her fingers and tried his best to force him to take a step back.

But Austin stood still and said nothing.

"Don't you know my fighting skills? Or she just overestimated your ability? Except for Darren, no one here has the right to speak ill of me. Whether it is you or your mother, I am just doing it for the sake of Darren. " He cast a cold glance at Nick and said, "Why are you still unwilling to let me go?"

He put down his fingers in a decadent manner, as he had to flinch a little, for Austin was covered with muscles. Nick had been woken up every day by eating and sleeping. Since all he had was fat, of course he was no match for Austin.

"Since you despise me to such an extent, I'll tell you the truth." Austin was calm all the time. No one could make him angry. But today he was really irritated by what this woman said, so he had to say something.

"Mrs. Lu thinks that it's your husband's support to develop our company. Even if you lead a lavish life at home, you can still do whatever you want because you have a noble and powerful family, right?"

"Of course. In the whole S City, who dares to ignore me when they know I'm the wife of the Lu family?"

"Do you think so, Nick?"

He just glanced at him, which frightened the young master. He replied, "Yes, yes, why do you say that?"

Fool. That was all he could think of.

"But in my opinion, you don't earn your respect. What makes you look in awe is Lu Company. As for Joan, she is much more valuable than you, for she has earned her honor without the help of Darren Lu but with her own ability," said Austin.

The two people almost looked at each other and didn't know what to say after hearing these words.

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