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   Chapter 67 Planting Seeds

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She didn't care about any other things, but once she learned that it was related to Joan or Darren, she would get involved.

These two people set her up and made me suffer a lot. She was suffering while they were still happy out of nothing.

"Who is Lola? I've never heard of her. "

Now she only had one thought in her mind that it was the best for Joan to know what she felt like. She had never admitted defeat.

She thought if she could make her lose again, then she must be able to put her into jail again.

Reaching out his hands and flicking the cigarette ash, Adam said, "It seems that you really have been separated from Scott. He didn't even tell you about that."

'him? Jean sneered and thought to herself, 'He seldom goes home for so many days. No matter how virtuous I am, I have cooked meals for him and fetched clothes for him. I have pretended to be a good wife for several times, but his attitude towards me is not as passionate as before.'

He spoke less and barely listened to her.

"It's because of Joan." She was pissed off, especially when she thought that he didn't tell her anything about his mother. If she and Charles had told him everything, how could she end up like this?

"What are you talking about? Tell me who Lola is! Why is she helpful?" She snatched the cigarette from the outstretched lips of Adam, took a few sips of it and said, "I don't have the patience to gossip with you here. If you are willing to help me, help me. If you are not willing to help me, we will not meet again in the future. Although I am not fearful now, I won't be so idle."

The snow-white car light made the place in front of them look as bright as daytime. He waved his hand, and his subordinate took an American fashion magazine with a face of an oriental woman on the cover.

Her small skeletons, awl face, flat and indifferent facial features were pure and innocent.

"She is Lola Qi. Recently, Scott has been in touch with her. He has even planned to let her come back."

"My husband? He went to America a few days ago. I thought he went there with Joan. I didn't know there was such a bitch abroad. " She gnashed her teeth in anger, wondering if all the women in the modeling industry were like this. She had a slim figure and got a man's soul.

'Was this woman really large breasted but brainless?'

"Don't be jealous. That's not what I want to tell you. Scott probably has no interest in her. But Darren is her first boyfriend and there is no doubt about it. According to my men, that woman has been stopped working for a long time. There are two possibilities."

The first love of Darren, was a big news for many years in this industry. Everyone knew that he was a person who had never been involved in women's business. Even if the cu

r scolded. This was also the reason why Jean tried her best to leave him and find a new shield later.

"Of course I know. I know what I'm doing. My only idea now is to let Joan suffer. I don't want to see her happy."

Darren loves you with all his heart and soul. It wasn't easy for me to have a chance to get Scott. Now you even have the chance to ruin us.

"I've heard that Bess Qi has been in touch with your brother, Shawn Lu, and is going to give him a surprise on his birthday. What do you think is the most important thing for two pregnant women now?"

For a woman who just lost her child, pregnancy and child were two most hurtful words. She didn't know if this man was truly made of stone, or he didn't care at all about the feelings of a woman who had just lost her child.

'What do they need most?' Jean grumbled, "They need to nourish the fetus safely. Don't you know that is nonsense?"

"Indeed. Pregnant women need to rest quietly to nourish the fetus. In particular, the emotional fluctuation during the first three months of pregnancy is a taboo."

He took a meaningful look at Jean and said, "But now that we know about Scott's plan, why not make use of this news? I don't know what kind of plan Lola wants, but we can take this opportunity to implement our plan. "

'Terence, you and Tabitha are really in deep love and can't be separated. You are planning to spend a romantic evening with her on your birthday, aren't you? I wonder how she will make you feel like having a romantic candlelight dinner, '? With a romantic movie? Or you would lean each other and talk sweetly?

But now, I don't know if I should spend that night peacefully or cry sadly.

'I can do whatever I want. This small trial is just the beginning. The good play is yet to come!

You should experience all the same despair I had experienced.'

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