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   Chapter 61 Unwilling To Get Married

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Apparently, Joan didn't expect this visit. Scott had never been so bold before. Knowing that she lived in the Lu family's residence, he still rashly came to visit.

"Joan, I went to America a few days ago, and I brought you a gift. You wanted to go to America before, but I wasn't able to be there with you." Then a glaze lamp appeared behind her back.

She had seen the design on the Internet when she had been decorating. It was designed by a foreign designer.

At that time, she couldn't help admiring the design of the designer from her heart. She thought it was awesome. However, Scott didn't pay much attention to it, and he was only perfunctory with the her words. In the end, Joan didn't get the result. She just looked at it and hadn't adopted it.

After so many years, he had been taking her favorite treasure. He wanted to vow that he would live with her for a longer time and know her better than anyone else.

"Scott, didn't I make myself clear at the cafe the other day? Why are you doing this? If I smashed this lamp, it's a waste of money, but if I don't do it, you won't give up. "

"Joan, we know each other better than anyone else. I know the tacit understanding between us as we grew up together, and we get familiar with the meanings of each of our actions. Even now, I believe that there is still such tacit understanding." He slowly handed the lamp over to Joan and said in a calm voice, "Just like Darren Lu and Lola Qi. They did the same thing. You can't compare yourself to her in this way."

Not as good as her, this sentence was like a thorn stabbing in her heart. With a kind of anger out of nowhere, Joan couldn't control herself. She smashed the table lamp hard, but Scott didn't dodge it. Instead, it hit him on the forehead.

"Fuck off! Get out! "

Blood flowed down his forehead. Surprisingly, Joan was startled. Why didn't he dodge? She threw the lamp at a low speed. She just wanted to frighten him, but she didn't really want to do that.

Although her first reaction was to look at his wound, she finally resisted her subconscious reaction. She stopped at the door and said coldly, "Go and bind it up, okay? We are clear now. Fair! I fell and stepped on glass in the hospital last time because of you and Jean. I have returned it to you today. "

It's just this minor pain is not as severe as that you gave me back then.

Bang! The door was heavily closed. She slid to the floor as if she didn't hear a single sound, no matter how hard Scott knocked on the door.

"Darren, Darren, what should I do now?" Perhaps she was born to be a coward, or perhaps it was because of her failed marriage, Joan was now so timid that she didn't know how to deal with it.

Grandpa checked the calendar at home recently and found an auspic

k to her skin.

He considerately poured her a glass of lemonade, which was not very sour. Then he stirred the small hair on her face to the other side. "Joan, I went back home today to see grandpa, and we also discussed about our wedding."

Sure enough, something had to come. It was lucky that she had sweated because of the spicy food before. Otherwise, she did not know how to ease the embarrassment at the moment.

"He meant to hold a birthday party in our house just like his birthday party and invite my familiar and friends, but I didn't agree immediately, and I want to ask your opinions. After all, this is our wedding, not a commercial activity. We should be satisfied with it. "

That was what he wanted to discuss with her. He even hoped that she could hold the wedding in the most acceptable way, So if she told him that she hadn't decided to marry him yet, would he be heartbroken?

"I'm sorry, Darren. I don't think I'm ready to marry you yet," Contrary to the romantic tone she used on her birthday party that day, her tone was now very serious and Darren's back was a little stiff.

But he controlled himself and asked her gently, "Is it because of my mother that you don't want to live in the Lu family? It doesn't matter. You can live with me in the future and I barely go home. You don't have to worry about this. "

"No, Darren. That's not the reason. We haven't known each other for a long time. I think... We'd better keep a relationship for a while. Maybe you will meet someone more suitable than me... "

"Joan, what do you mean? Where is that from? " His breathing was a little rapid. For the first time, he had stood up in public without scruple. He walked across the table and grabbed Joan's arm.

Then he lifted her up and held her in his arms.

"Joan, you can't make fun of it. I can't afford to lose."

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