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   Chapter 59 What Do You Like About Me

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A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. Why did she suddenly ask me this question? 'he thought.

"In TV and novels, the female leading character ask the same question. Why do you like me? Why are you so kind to me? " She stretched out her fingers and counted the questions she wanted to ask, but suddenly she felt a gentle rubbing above her head.

"Silly girl, are you an idiot? All the shows on books and TV are fake."

Joan was a little disappointed. The plot of the show was a lie. Then what about his heart? How much did he pity her now, and how much did he like her? She even began to doubt it.

If the girl in the video asked him, how would he answer it? She bit down the question that was about to come out of her lips and buried it in her stomach.

However, she was not in the mood to be with Darren alone anymore. She perfunctorily took a few sips of red date ginger tea brought by him. Then, she pushed Darren to the door, pretending that she had a stomachache.

"Then I'll pick you up tomorrow morning!" A soft kiss fell on her forehead. Without giving Joan a chance to refuse, he walked out of the room and entered the elevator.

When she fell on the sofa with her eyes closed, all she thought about was the scene of them in the coffee shop in the afternoon when she saw the picture presented by Scott.

As far as she knew, Darren would get mad if he knew she doubted her because she met with Scott. She knew him well so she remained silent and would rather investigate by herself.

'Austin?' She thought about it, only thinking of him alone. He grew up with Darren from childhood. He must know everything about him.

She knew that Austin wouldn't talk to her easily, so when she met him in the office building, she didn't say anything but gave him a mysterious smile.

"Good morning."

She remembered that it was the first time she had taken the initiative to greet him. Everyone in the company knew that Austin was a charming man, but they were all used to his coldness and indifference, so nobody talked to him.

All of them were polite and alienated.

"Good morning, Miss Gu." He was a little stunned and then replied politely.

"Mr. Lu has a dinner tonight. I'm not feeling well and I don't want to go. I have to trouble you. Thank you for giving me a ride tonight."

"You are welcome, Miss Gu. Mr. Lu has told me to send you home on time." When the elevator reached the floor that Austin was going to go to, he bent over slightly and stepped out of the elevator.

Recently, in addition to Mr. Lu's assistant, Selina also had a job of serving Joan. Since Mrs. Lu had almost been nailed to the status, the treatment to her was definitely extraordinary.

From this morning on, even her coffee was turned into red date ginger tea, which was what Darren Lu had told her on the phone last night after

Taking a deep breath, she thought to herself, 'I am a woman with bad history. It's my destiny to have bad words when Anna talks to me. She is Darren's mother, an elder. Unlike Laura, she didn't do anything too bad to me. I have to respect her and try my best.'.

"Mrs. An, I'm calling not for bad intentions. I just want to verify one thing."

"You can ask whatever you want to know. It's my business that I don't want to tell you." With a slight sneer, she said, "I hope Miss Gu can ask some reasonable questions, so as not to embarrass everyone."

Suddenly, she felt painful when she stood in front of the French window. Who could she depend in the world? Why her life was full of unsolved lies.

She knew that Scott had played a prank on her, but she didn't know if she would be taken advantage of by Darren? He did care for her to such an extent. To what degree did he do that out of love instead of regret for the past?

She took a deep breath and said, "I just want to know the story about Darren and his first love."

Hearing that, Anna's hand trembled for a few seconds. She felt a great joy that she was finally going to hold her head high in the end. "His first love, Darren even told you about that. Well, let me tell you the truth. When Darren's grandpa and I first saw you, we even felt that it was her who came back."

After hearing the her words from the other side of the line, Joan proudly continued, "I've told you everything today. The reason why I and his grandfather didn't agree was because that girl was not from a rich family and she was not powerful enough to be a match for Darren and the Lu Company was not powerful enough. In this way, we didn't agree them to be together."

"Miss Gu, even though grandpa is old now, I am not. Do you think your family background is so good that you can marry Darren?"

Her thunderous voice echoed in Joan's ears.

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