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   Chapter 58 Half Belief And Half Doubt

Honey Trap By Chen Muer Characters: 9006

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Scott heaved a deep sigh. It seemed like he had made up his mind to offer something that would help.

The thin iPad was finally fixed on the close-up photo as his fingers slid across the screen.

In the photo, it was a handsome boy and a pretty girl, in the same age as a student, walking quickly under a camphor tree.

"This is Darren?" She was holding the iPad and seemed to be interested in the young man. She hadn't participated in this period of time of his and it seemed that he was young and carefree.

"Yes. This is Darren. He was very young." Then he moved his finger to the woman beside him and said, "Well, I have known you for a long time. I think this girl looks like you when you were young."

That was right. Her black straight hair, sharp chin and white teeth were very similar to her.

Where did he get these photos? Joan looked vigilantly at the unfriendly man and said, "Even if she looked like me, so what? This girl resembled me as well as Celia. Could something happen? Why do you care?"

"Joan, calm down. I'm for your own good. Now you are touched by him. He helped you when you needed him most. You fell in love with him. But do you really know him? I just want to help you see things clearly! Have a clear view of the person you like. "

Scott said word by word, with his fingernails tapping on the screen. He knew that these photos were enough to shake a woman's resolve.

He might be inferior to Darren in business, but he knew women better than anybody else.

Besides, this woman had been his ex-wife and slept beside him for half a year. How could he not know her?

Joan strove to maintain her composure and said, "I feel like you, Scott, are getting more and more confusing to me."

"Why don't you stay with your new girlfriend? Why do you insist on getting entangled with me, a worn out and shabby old love? It's my business to fall in love with someone. Whether I believe in anyone or not is also my business. "

She tightened her fingers. "What's more, how do I want to investigate the Gu Company and how I can do it is none of your business. Don't forget that we both have legal permission to be free. You are neither my husband and I am not your wife."

"It doesn't matter," said Scott as he took the tablet PC in front of Joan, his fingers pressed on it and continued, "Since you don't believe me, I won't say anything more. You can choose to ignore me and not to believe in my good will. I'm just doing what I think I should do."

The video was played on the screen. It got closer and closer with the help of Scott's gestures. She reminded herself that she had murmured to herself many times to not look at it. He was wicked and evil

uarrel with someone on the way? "

She was searching for a proper reason to hide the fact that she just met Scott. What Darren said reminded her a little. She felt a little tired and got into Darren's arms. "Yes, It was my fault. I broke a new iPad and gave out all my bonus for this month."

In Joan's arms, Darren felt as if he had been held tighter than before.

If what she had saw was true, she would be very disappointed. Was the girl still here or in Darren's heart. What on earth had happened between them? Would they get back together?

It was the first time he had seen Joan become afraid. Where is the girl who used to be fearless?

"It doesn't matter. Next time such things happen again, you should call me. Otherwise, do you think your boyfriend is just a decoration?" He sounded a little annoyed.

'What a silly girl! You can't just be sad like this with an unimportant thing.

"Let's go upstairs. I have bought something for you. Eat it now. It's good for your health." They walked upstairs, Darren held her in his arms. He opened the well wrapped box and saw Joan's eyes reddened.

Luckily, the ginger tea with red date was quite warm in heat preservation. Although he had waited downstairs for a long time, the tea was still steaming when the cup was opened.

"I found it on the Internet. It is said that it is good for girls in their period. Come on, have a try."

What did she suspect? She couldn't believe that he would do such a thing for her. He even checked those things online. Just now she even lied to him so heavily.

And she suspected him.

Spinning the spoon in her hand, Joan asked, "Why are you so nice to me, Darren?"

Why did he treat her so well? He was flustered by her sudden question.

Is it at the beginning or now? He had no idea.

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