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   Chapter 57 Lying For The First Time

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He recalled the way his brother behaved in front of him. He seldom stayed at home or worked at home. Most of the time, he worked with his grandfather.

He probably knew less about his brother than Selina did.

"You should ask Selina about that. She stays with my brother every day, and she has been with him since the first day he takes office."

"Young master, do you think that Selina will help me, an outsider?" Both of them were a little drunk. He refilled the empty glass in front of him and said, "Why don't you ask other questions? As if you want to learn business seriously, I think there will be less hostility than me."

After a short while, he came to his senses and thought that he was very good at it. Both of them had made up their minds to make a full show.

The good mood of the romantic night with Darren last night began to fade away bit by bit. It was too easy for Joan to make a promise, but it was too difficult to practice it.

"Darren, I have something to ask you."

She hesitated for a long time but finally couldn't help asking.


Joan recalled that day at her birthday party. When she had appeared, his grandfather's eyes, face and the expressions of his family, as if her appearance had been expected and she had been like an enemy of his family.

She hesitated for a while, but asked resolutely, "On that day, at grandpa's birthday party, I felt that when your family saw me, the first reaction of your family was that they seemed to be very familiar with me, but before I knew you, I hadn't seen them."

Upon hearing her words, Darren's face darkened. He thought to himself, 'I should have known it earlier. She is such a smart woman. She must have sensed my love for her.'.

But, what should he say? Should he say that she looked like his ex-girlfriend? Since she was so arrogant, she would firmly believe that all her kindness to her was because he regarded her as his ex-girlfriend. Moreover, at that time, he also believed that it was the reason why he subconsciously wanted to help this humble girl.

They looked so alike.

"Because you look like me, an old friend. We were good friends when we went to college."

"Then why did they look at me in surprise?" She looked at Darren skeptically, hoping that he could give her an appropriate reply.

He bent over and gently kissed her on the forehead, "It's nothing. Don't think too much about it. My old friend has gone abroad for many years, so they would be surprised when they saw you."

Although Joan was in a bad mood when she heard the news from Scott, she managed to cool herself down and was about to hang up.

However, he said that he found out the secret of Gu Company, about the collapse of it.

Frightened by his words, Joan finally decided to lie to him after some hesitation.

"Darren, I'm not feeling well today. Can I ask for a leave and have a rest at hom

here today? She scolded herself countless times in her heart, and subconsciously, she did not believe the person who protected her most.

"Calm down, listen to me," he said, taking out a thick pile of paper from his briefcase. "This is the acquisition plan of the Lu Company in the past few years. Gu Company is in the list."

She turned a few pages and said, "Does this mean anything? You know that business is a field of fickleness and you can't catch up with it. Besides, how can you prove that this is Darrens's plans?"

Seeing that the trap he had set up had caused Joan to step to the edge, Scott dared not be careless and said, "You know more than I do about the business, but you have to carefully check the order of the list. Do you agree it is Darren's way of doing business?"

Noticing that Joan was in a daze for a moment, he went on, "Look, this is the scene where your father was staying in the hospital and the boss of a company that the Lu Company had bought was about to jump off a building. There are many paparazzi taking pictures of them, and they had come to tell me that Darren had said these words

His finger joints tapped on the words on the newspaper, "I never sympathize with the weak."

Joan forced herself to hold back the turmoil in her heart. She felt her heart was about to jump out of her throat. She raised her wrist and said slowly, "Scott, you want me to see everything. I've seen all of them. You've said everything. There's only ten minutes left. Do you think I can go now?"

The coffee was served at the right time. Scott expressed his opinion and said, "Have this cup of coffee before you leave. Don't let the boss's effort go in vain."

She just shrugged, messed up the coffee, and took a sip intentionally. "Now, can I go?"

Her hands under the table had been clenching the tablecloth tightly to cover her anxiety.

'Darren Lu, could you tell me what the truth is?'

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