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   Chapter 56 Cooperation

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Anna looked back at the woman. She thought that she knew what she was thinking. She was a good at pleasing people. She deliberately lost to her. Her daughter was kind and active.

If her son couldn't let go of her first love and insisted on finding a woman with the same face as Lola Qi, Celia Xu, the daughter of the Xu family, was a good choice without bad history.

The result was even worse than she had expected.

"Mr. Lu, you must be kidding. It never occurred to me that Joan would be so busy. I thought it was because I didn't take good care of her father when she was in prison, so we were distant to me. To be honest, I always welcome her back home."

Laura explained stiffly. She knew that Darren was a man of his own ideas, so she didn't want to get herself into trouble.

Sure enough, Anna said with a cold expression, "Laura, please don't join my mahjong game in the future. If you insist on messing it up, don't blame me for being cold hearted and ignoring the situation now."

"But," She looked at Joan and said, "A pathetic person may have his own reasons to be hated. But it doesn't mean that I like you. I will find my son a girl more suitable than you."

"You." Darren was a little angry. But as she was his mother, he couldn't scold her too much. He left with Joan, who was a little dejected.

The sound of door closing revealed a strong emotion. Laura was nervous just now, but now she showed a smile of indifference. "It doesn't matter. We have a lot of people behind us. But you, Joan, I'm afraid it will not be as easy for you to marry Darren."

She took a step forward. "Don't forget. You're a woman who has been in prison and divorced." She chuckled and stabbed her in the heart again. "What's more, there is no such a famous Gu Company behind your back now."

Although she told herself millions of times that it didn't matter and it was just a beginning. She would be fine as long as she proved herself through actions. But now, she still felt very sad.

What happened to her? She was never afraid of losing. She subconsciously looked at Darren beside her, with worry in her eyes.

Darren Lu could only encourage her with his heart. He had always been by her side and supported her.

Scott had been collecting information about Darren since he came back from abroad. He had observed the people around Lu Company and knew that it was impossible for Selina and Austin to unite with him. However, when he was looking through the document, his fingers stopped at the photo of Zoey Su and Nick Lu.

Of course, Zoey was of no importance. She was just a stupid woman who only listened to others' arrangements and never thought about the plans. She deserved not being able to do the drug thing.

But as for Nick.

He smiled faintly. When he had been abroad, he had known that Nick Lu and that

ick burst into laughter. "But I heard it from the beginning to the end. I don't seem to have anything to do with this matter. It's just because it's convenient for you to hold a beauty back, but I don't feel anything helpful to me."

"Moreover," He took a sip of the wine. The aroma of the wine was strong, and Nick knew it was the best concealed wine according to the taste of it. "And I heard that Mr. Jian married a beautiful and virtuous woman as your wife not long ago. Why do you still have such old feeling?"

It was just that he didn't want Joan to help him to build up the Lu Company. Besides, he would never admit that he was inferior to Darren, no matter in appearance or status.

Jian Company was not inferior to the Lu Company, it was still abhorrent of Jean for she had pushed Joan to the side of her enemy.

With a faint smile, he said, "You are so clever and intelligent but you can be confused for a while." He continued, "Without Joan's help, the partner would be discontented with Darren Lu. Joan and I will support you, telling them that if you become the CEO of the Lu Company, Joan will go back to work."

As expected, he raised his glass and made a toast to Scott sincerely. "I'll remember how you helped me, Scott. Tell me, what do you want me to do now?"

'Stupid!' Scott cursed in his mind. No wonder that Darren's grandpa didn't like his second grandson. If he got the control of Lu Company, it would be a more miserable death than the Gu Company's. Darren's grandpa would be pissed off. But the most important part of her plan was to please Nick.

"You only need to explain to me in detail. The style and means that Darren uses when he is doing work. For example, what was he like when he suppressed and purchased other companies?"

The dishes on the table were getting cold from hot. The two men in high spirits barely had the time to take a bite.

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