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   Chapter 54 A Romantic Night (Part One)

Honey Trap By Chen Muer Characters: 6681

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Children? "I didn't expect that you are well aware of our domestic affairs even though you are far away on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. How come you don't know that my wife had a miscarriage? Then why don't you know that your beloved woman is about to marry my ex-wife?"

Why did he marry another woman so soon? Lola Qi put her hands on her belly unnaturally and tugged at the hem of her loose clothes again.

The baby in her belly was so young.

Joan's phone rang like a bomb in the morning. She liked to sleep late on weekends. She was disturbed by her good friend Linda.

"Miss Ji, what are you doing? It's early in the morning. I want to enjoy my weekend! "

"Happy birthday! My dear friend, today is your birthday! Get dressed up. I'll take you out for a day. Let's go to the video game city, which we used to go a lot before. Do you like it? "

They were so happy to remember the good old days this morning that they got up early. They liked to buy a lot of game coins and skipped classes to the video games center when they were at school.

Later, the two best friends decided to hang out. After Joan married Scott, they barely played together. That was why she rarely had chance to spend time with Linda alone. Now, with her arms around Linda's, Joan felt very sorry for her carelessness of abandoning her friends over the years.

"Well, today is your birthday. We don't have to think about those who are unpleasant." She looked at the expression in Joan's eyes and understood it. "Besides, I've told you that if he dares to cheat on you, I won't let him off easily. But as far as I'm concerned, Darren Lu is way more vengeful than me. I just want to be harsh on him, but I didn't expect that he is so interested in a revenge."

A mild smile appeared on Joan's face.

What surprised Joan, though, was that the video game city was very quiet, much less noisy than it used to be.

Blinking her eyes, Linda said, "Joan, I have a serious question to ask you!" It was rar

lesson. She could see the desire in his eyes.

His desire for her.

Slowly, her eyes closed. The strength of champagne began to occupy her brain, depriving her of the last trace of consciousness. Her arms and legs clung to his body like an octopus. The air-conditioner had turned the room on, as if a fire was lit in an instant.

Then room seemed to be on fire.

The passionate kiss of Darren had turned her on. She could feel that Darren had slowly loosened her collar. Although she was a little nervous and shy, she knew that it was an intimate moment between lovers.

Moreover, she was no longer unsatisfied with Darren. She would never forget today's romantic proposal.

"I'll take you home tomorrow. You are my fiancee now. I'm worried about you if you live in such a small apartment. Come with me!"

When a couple fell in love with each other, they would speak their heart out and make their words melt in this sweet night.

However, they were too happy to know that there was a person who had already carried some big news, ready to get on a plane that returned from Manhattan to hometown.

Like a hale and hearty man, Darren's grandpa had finished taking a set of Tai Chi in the yard before Darren slowly walked into the house. This morning, he had arrived here with Joan, and was waiting for him with her.

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