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   Chapter 53 Another Proposal (Part Two)

Honey Trap By Chen Muer Characters: 5604

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What Darren said was right. Some people, no matter how much you give her and how many times you let her go, she still won't remember your good. She will still remember the why you are not good and continue to entangle.

"My father asked me to remember this. No one is kind in the business world," he explained.

"What's your name? How old are you? You had been working in the Jian Company before?" Only when they entered the elevator did Joan remember the girl, who had been thrown here.

The girl behaved as if nothing had happened and her uneasiness was gone. "My name is Bertha. I graduated last year and this year I just became a formal employee for half a year."

"So you just worked in Jian Company for one year and a half?"

"To be exact, it was less than a year and a half. When I was an intern, I was busy with my graduation design. I didn't go to the company for more than half a month. Then I graduated smoothly and finally got involved in the project." She said naively, "Miss. Gu, I'll start from an assistant. Please teach me more."

Teach others? Joan's heart was filled with excitement. After graduation, she had refused to go back to her own company, and had kept looking for a job as a design assistant all over the street.

Her father felt sorry for her. He said that assistant had no career and her precious daughter had been so tired that she lost a lot of weight. It turned out that the white face was even darker.

"Who says that an assistant in design can't learn anything?" Joan pouted, "I can get familiar with different design styles as I work with different designers. I think, in this way, I can learn a lot more than I can learn in th

"I can see from the photo that your wife loves you very much." The man in front of him, who was well-dressed, was also a playboy. "I'm very curious about whether your current wife looks like a fairy or more beautiful than the beauty."

What he wanted was not women. He thought that the woman underestimated him. He had his own reason for every decision he made.

So instead of answering such a trivial question, he said, "Now I just want to make an agreement with you, Miss. Qi."

"I know you still like the man in the photo, don't you?" She touched the photo very gently as if the man in the photo was alive.

Therefore, he didn't want to waste time and got straight to the point, "Miss Qi, I have the same feeling with you. We are both affectionate persons. And I have feelings for my ex-wife as well."

A contemptuous smile flitted across her face. How dared him compare himself with her. But, based on the experience, they were similar in some ways.

However, she regretted now. She tried to say, "Then you have no feelings for your current wife at all? Even though she is carrying your child now? "

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