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   Chapter 52 Another Proposal (Part One)

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Everyone knew that the innocent child would not stay in the company for long.

Just as everyone expected, while playing with her fingernails, which hadn't been dyed a little since she was pregnant for a long time, Jean said to the assistant behind her, "Go and tell the human resources that this girl's salary will be fixed today. Recommend her to work as a designer in the Lu Company. Oh, doesn't she like the designer Gu? How about recommend her to be a design assistant? "

She looked at the helpless girl and said, "Since you like the Lu Company, you don't have to waste your time here. However, I think the Lu Company is very cautious to us. Maybe you have worked here before, and they won't hire you."

Anyone who dared to look down upon her, she wanted that person to suffer. It was not easy for her to get this position, and she could hire whoever she wanted. She would fire whoever she disliked.

Even if it was Scott, she was still his legal wife. She was not a fool like Joan, who boasted that her family was also rich. She even refused their common property when they got married.

However, she ended up with such a tragic ending. Therefore, she thought that it was exactly the reason why Scott didn't dare to divorce her. She fooled him into signing the contract in her loving tricks.

Half of the house had been taken by her, and even half of the shares of the company had been taken by her.

"I told her to go, are you deaf? But it's okay. I'll go to the Lu Company later and have a walk. " She lifted the drawings on the girl's desk, "Pack them up now."

She wanted to go to the Lu Company and find out who her husband went to America with!

Jean came to Lu Company with that girl. However, with a dejected look, she ignored the strongest man in

e not on the same side. Probably this girl didn't know about Jean, but she was afraid of her threat.

"It's okay. Let her stay." She smiled. Youngsters were popular.

She was still so young, probably too young to think about anything else. She was as innocent and romantic as she was when she just walked out of the campus. She just didn't feel the wolves around her.

Jean's anger burned in her. Joan's magnanimity humiliated her. Noticing her unhappiness, Joan deliberately asked, "That's your kindness, Miss Bai. I don't know if you feel distressed to give her to me, or you start regretting it now. Or, is it an excuse to visit me today? Do you have something else to say?"

"You are still good at playing innocent to get people's support,"

Joan's eyes turned cold, looking extremely arrogant in her red dress. "Jean, I didn't expect that you didn't think you did anything wrong after going through so much. I used to take pity on you because you had lost your child. "

"I didn't expect you to be so stubborn."

When she turned around and walked away with the assistant, she could even imagine how furious Jean was. ' I have already got used to it, haven't I?'

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