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   Chapter 51 Hypocrisy (Part Two)

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She was still a little weak. After all, meals in the hospital were all the same. She did not have her husband to send her nutritious supplements and chicken soup every day. She could only wait for the wound to be neat, but she was much thinner than before. She was empty.

"Scott, I know I was wrong now. Please have some mercy on me. I just lost your baby. I can't lose you."

"Jean, you are always talking about the baby. Do you have fun?" Scott pushed the door open with one hand and said, "I'm going upstairs to pack up. I have something to do this afternoon and I have to fly to America. I've been busy with a lot of things in Jian Company. If you are wise enough, go back home and lie in bed quietly."

The car door was slammed. Jean couldn't do anything. She had to unfasten her seat belt and follow him upstairs.

There were a lot of clothes in his suitcase, which seemed that he was going out for a long time. Leaning against the door frame, Jean could not help but ask him, "Are you going out for a long time?"

"I have told you that we should leave each other alone and you just forget what I have said so soon." He threw his phone on the sofa and opened his suitcase. Then he went to the bathroom to pack things.

Jean lay on the sofa quietly. Suddenly, she got an idea. She walked to the phone and found his call log.

As she had expected, it was Joan who had put her into such a difficult position. Now even Scott fell in love with that woman again.

"Joan, you bitch!" She sat on the cushion with coldness reflected in her eyes. It was not until Scott came out of the bathroom and saw her holding her phone that he interrupted her. She was in a trance.

He took the phone from her hand. "What are you doing?"

"What am I doing? "What are you doing, Scott? When I was in hospital, I needed you so much. How could you contact Joan? Have you ever thought about my feelings?"


she expected, when she saw the design drawing, she began to stir up trouble, which was annoying.

The assistant had long known how large the personality gap was between Joan and Jean. When she had heard that Joan had gone to the Lu Company after the divorce, she had been more than happy.

When people in the company saw her, they would get goose bumps all over. They didn't know what Scott was thinking that he had a crush on this woman.

"Why blue here? Why not yellow?"

"And here, didn't we agree to use diamond shape?"

It was very disturbing for a woman who knew nothing to say this. They even hoped that the Lu Company would take over this project. It was an intolerable experience to them to live under the control of Jean.

A girl who had just become an intern didn't know what was wrong with her office. She plucked up her courage and said, "Scott said, referring to Lu Company's design. I think their design has a lot of advantages."

"The Lu Company?" She smiled, "Is the Lu group really that good?"

The girl was so innocent that she didn't notice the atmosphere around her. "I heard that the design department there is very good. It's said that there is a beautiful designer there, who has got the whole Lu Company's order for half a year."

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