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   Chapter 50 Hypocrisy (Part One)

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What on earth did the man want to do? She clenched her teeth in anger. The water on her hair had not been wiped dry yet. Hastily, she grabbed a coat, put it on a loose pajamas and ran out.

He put the car key on the backseat and parked the car at the gate. Even if she had some grudge against him and some bad memories about the car, she wouldn't have let him throw the car on the roadside and have let thieves take advantage of it.

When she was sitting in the driver's seat, Joan put her hands on the steering wheel. She remembered clearly that Jean didn't like gray, so both the seat cushion and the steering wheel were replaced with white covers.

In addition, there was a light strawberry fragrance in the car, which was her favorite fruit flavor and temperature.

"It's very kind of you, Scott." She touched every place she was familiar with, and now she felt that the air around her was freezing cold. Wet hair made her sneeze.

She thought it was just an episode. She would send Scott a parcel to his company in two days. But it seemed that it was just the beginning.

Somehow, Jean ignored Scott as he kept harassing her without scruple. He even gave the cars away without causing any trouble.

Joan used to know that when Scott gave a divorce card to her, Jean just took it back from Celia by force. But now, a luxury car worth millions was given to her. There should have been some reaction.

There was only one possibility, that they were going to divorce, too?

As she had hung up numerous times, the phone was still ringing. She was unable to settle down to work. A few days ago, Darren had a lot of things to deal with because of her. She didn't have the heart to disturb his work. Moreover, it was just a call, and there was no mention of humiliation or anything harmful to her on the phone.

She picked up the phone at a quiet place and said, "Have you finished or not? I'm working now and I can't afford the gift. I've sent the car key to y

something. She had behaved well in the past few days since he had worked so hard. She didn't want him to worry about her.

In recent days, Scott had fewer phone calls to disturb her. In fact, it was not that he wanted to let go of Joan, but that he had met a powerful person recently.

The hospital told him that his wife could be discharged from the hospital, and he hesitated for a while and then went to the hospital. However, no matter how hard Jean tried to find a topic along the way, he didn't say anything, with a cold face. She felt that Scott was still angry with her, as long as she persuaded him that he would be fine.

However, she didn't know that Scott had no feelings for her anymore. They were still husband and wife and she couldn't allow others to say that he was cold to women and not to people.

"Listen, Jean Bai. From now on, you can date any man you want to find, and I'll do what I like. From now on, we'll be out of each other's business. But remember, if your behaviors are caught by reporters, I won't tolerate you. That's it." He turned the steering wheel and accurately parked the car in the parking lot.

This sentence was like a basin of ice water with an ice blade pouring down from the pocket on her head. The icy scratch seemed to spread all over her body in an instant.

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