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   Chapter 47 Give Me An Explanation (Part One)

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Now, she decided to let her enjoy with one hand secretly grabbed a corner of the envelope on the chair.

'I hope she will hold a grudge against me later. But I know her very well. Once she is seriously exposed, she will feel guilty at once.'.

She took a sip of tea and said leisurely, "Miss Bai, I'm so sorry to disturb your rest. You look gorgeous. Scott treats you well. But I want to know who is the father of the baby."

All of a sudden, the pretentious and elegant look on her face disappeared. With a trembling voice, she pointed at Joan and yelled, "What the hell are you doing? You can't bear to see Scott and me happy, can you! It's our baby, mine and his. "

The guests around her were either successful bosses or rich guests. They all took a look at Jean with reproachful eyes when she spoke in such a loud voice.

Even Scott, who was sitting with his back to her, could not stay calm anymore. He almost wanted to get up and press her back to her seat. He was afraid that he would be disgraced if others knew who she was.

But the man in black warned him every second with his eyes.

"It makes sense." Looking at Jean from head to toe, Joan said, "I'm so far away from you this time. Don't try to frame me just because you hate me."

After that, she pointed to the top and said, "I have deliberately found the seat under the camera. Everyone else can testify for me."

So what? She never had the same trick again. Besides, she had left Scott, so there was no need for her to take a risk any more. "It's a pity that you were framed, and you can only say this to me. Who else will believe you? If someone believes in you, you won't be in prison for so long. "

Jean rubbed her shoulder with an artificial smile and said, "It's said that people there are horrible and the air is very wet. Do you remember any insects got into your ears when you were sleeping at night?"

"Look at this," Joan didn't want to waste her time in bickering with the

tt. I'm begging you."

"I didn't mean to make it hard for you. Of course I can let you go." However, Joan changed the subject. She said with a fierce look, "Since I was released from prison, have you ever let me go? You are a hopeless woman. In order to get into the upper class, you agreed with Adam, the gang leader, to be his girlfriend. However, you got involved in my family because he is a villain. "

The more they talked about it, the more shocked they became. The look on their faces changed a lot. When they saw that Jean was about to kneel down and cry, Joan spoke with more confidence.

The two men who were sitting with their back to them, one still drinking tea leisurely, stared at the man in front of him with even more cautious eyes

As for Scott, he wished he could stand up and shut her mouth right now.

For all these years, he had many girlfriends, but he had never let a woman trap him. It was he who dumped women. At this moment, his shame and anger were almost to explode in his heart.

In fact, he liked Joan very much before. And these days she had lived a better life than being with him, which made him feel uncomfortable. Today he personally heard Jean admit that she had planned all these years.

She had been so ruthless and cold that she had even sacrificed her baby.

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