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   Chapter 46 Redressing The Injustice

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"The reason why I depended on him is not only because of his fighting skills, but also because of his other identity. I know why he went to jail." He seemed to have been lonely since he was a child without many friends. This was the only thing he trusted.

He said, "He told me that he fell in love with a girl, who was also a very rich girl in my school. They just met each other a few times and then fell in love."

"That's great," Said Joan, whose eyes lit up.

"That's a good thing. The girl was a good girl. She was very happy when she was with my friend. She understood that he couldn't come out often and had never acted willfully."

Apparently, all these were the love stories of a man and a tender beauty. Anyway, it was impossible to get through that dark and cold prison.

He poured himself a cup of water, and then a cup of hot tea for Joan.

What he regretted most was that he was too naive at that time and didn't know the darkness and danger of the underworld. He didn't realize that something bad would happen at the school party that night.

If it was now, he would definitely be able to stop it.

"Click." With a crisp sound, the cup fell heavily on the glass table. He seemed to be talking to himself or telling stories to Joan, who had already lying on his knees.

Austin often told him that when he joined the army, he was bullied several times by the monitor, but he fought back every time. Since he was good at fighting, no one bullied him.

"It's true that even a tamed horse is often ridden and a weak person is liable to be bullied," Joan found a comfortable posture for herself and went on listening to the story.

But he had been out several times. Once when the girl came to him, she was noticed by his monitor. His background and family background were stronger than that of Austin. Since his family members doted on him unlimitedly, his chances of going out were more frequent than that of Austin.

When they were on campus, Darren met the girl several times. It seemed that the man was chasing after her recently, but she looked unhappy and repulsive all the time. After he helped her out for several times, he didn't pay much attention to that.

In New Year's day, their school would hold a ball, and generally, the romance meeting at the ball would spread to the reality. Darren didn't want to involve in in such an occasion. He just sat for a while and left.

However, something big happened that night.

Austin called his loved one and turned off the light. He knew that the monitor was out today, so he had no chance to go out. He could only call to make his girlfriend have fun.

It never occurred to him that it was his monitor who put something into her glass and kept an eye on her.

It was too late for Austin to get any information about the incident. The girl called him and told him that she wanted to break up with him. Before the call last night, his phone had been peaceful and nothing had happened. But why did the girl suddenly change her mind today?

Besides, her voice was depressed, hoarse and filled with tears.

"Why are you crying? Who bullied you?"


d backward as if he was going to punch him anytime.

A smile tugged at the corners of Austin's mouth. What Darren had said was right. Now this man who had a guilty heart was waiting for another one. A big scene was about to begin.

He poured the boiling water into the small purple sand teapot again. He nodded three times, and kept nodding towards the direction of Scott. It was the etiquette in the teaism, a kind of salutation to the guest.

However, it was a pity for Scott that he didn't like to waste time in such complex situations. Different from Darren, he always boasted himself of being a successful person, he didn't expect that such kind of person would only be a crane among chickens.

Holding the tea cup and smelling a light fragrance, the fragrance was covered by a stronger smell of perfume. The smell was very familiar. Before he could look back, he was stopped by Austin in a low voice.

"Don't look back! Drink your tea! "

It took Darren and him a long time to set the trap, so how could they let him ruin it.

"Miss Gu, you asked me out and now you are acting so nicely to me. A defeated person like me can't believe this." Jean put her purse on the table and took the hot teak to bite the straw without any hesitation.

Defeated? She had never lost to her Joan. In addition to design, she, a good for nothing, could only coquettishly seduce men, obviously defeated her more miserably. "Lose? I lost my husband, my family, and even the whole Gu family. Who had been in jail for three years? Who had lived so happily outside for three years? You're really good at telling jokes, Jean Bai. "

"It's good that you know it." She pushed the cup aside and saw Joan making tea for her. She said sarcastically, "Joan, this looks fun. If it weren't for my inconvenience, I would have tasted the tea you made for me. Is the tea poisonous?"

The tea set was nice. Unlike the black tea set in Austin's place, Joan needed not a set of teasets with purple sand. She used the white porcelain as a lid to remove the white foam during the first time she washed the tea.

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