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   Chapter 45 Tell You A Secret

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Nevertheless, they still assigned some of the projects to the Jian Company. After all, they had already seen and learnt about Jean's design talent, so they could practice and cultivate it slowly.

"It seems that Scott prepared." "But there's a big present for him. Do you want to give it to him or not? It depends on your choice," he said to Joan.

After saying that, he showed an expression that indicated that he would support whatever she wanted to do. Then he opened the car door for Joan and put his own suitcase on the trunk, as if he was the driver of a female boss.

Joan didn't notice that there was a black Honda behind them. It hadn't come here before, but it was always following them.

Although Austin's eyes were behind the glasses, there was gentleness in his eyes. He hadn't seen such an expression for a long time. It turned out that he also had time to serve other people.

"You are right. You have to pay for what you have done." When he was in college, he had been the rich guy for four years, surrounded by all sorts of women. After he took over the company, he was immediately helped by Selina, an assistant his father had left to him, who was considerate in all respect.

Now, he had become her sidekicks in only a few days.

Joan was wondering what Darren had for Scott. "Tell me, what's your plan?" she demanded.

"I don't have any plan. I just happened to know a secret of Jean. You must be eager to know it,"

"Me?" Joan pointed to her nose and asked, "Does it have anything to do with me?"

He nodded his head mysteriously, leaving the question to the silly little woman to think about it herself.

'What a bad guy!' She hated it when someone talked half of the story. She knew he wouldn't be disturbed and he wouldn't tell her even if she asked.

But she had a lot of good ideas. When she saw a food stand on the roadside, she grabbed the booth handle tightly and yelled, "I'm hungry.".

"There is an restaurant over there. I didn't eat well this morning!"

"Are you sure you are hungry? Not just want to eat? " She had eaten a lot in the morning, but now she was hungry again. It was obvious that she wanted a lot of food!

As expected, Darren parked his car on the road obediently. He got off the car and sat with her on the roadside. The way they got used to each other's daily life was so casual that they felt as if they were eating breakfast at home. All the people in the cars following them were stunned.

'Is he really Mr. Lu? After all tables and dishes were placed, which were with a thin layer of fabric, and two bowls of oil tea and one clean crystal steamed stuffed bun were ordered by them. They looked as fluent as they ordered in the hotel.

It seemed that he was really influenced by Joan. He stirred the spoon in his hand, gently blew on the hot oil tea that was steaming hot. He looked at Joan, who was staring at him with curiosity, and said lightly.

"It seems that you have a plan. You are not hungry at all! R

. But that's impossible.

"Have you seen the car which was driven away just now? The driver's name is Austin. You should have seen him before. "

Joan tried to recall what she had seen, and she did remember him. It was the man in black whom she often saw in the lobby of Darren's company. When he took off his sunglasses, she also saw Darren by him.

Moreover, he was the only man in the company who looked colder than Darren. Almost everyone had no idea of his real identity, and they didn't know if he was born to be like this and couldn't smile.

"Who is he?"

She asked curiously. This man must have an unusual relationship with Darren.

"He is a man like you,"

Joan asked, blinking. Her eyes followed the direction of the car and Mr. Lu's gaze, wondering what he meant. The longer she stayed with him, the more she felt that he had more secrets.

Such as the day of the birthday party and today, she was not curious before because she had no interested in him.

Now, she really wanted to know his story.

He had planned to drive her back to the apartment and leave. But she grabbed his arm and sat on the sofa.

"I want to hear stories!"

She was holding his arm, like holding a pillow. She wouldn't let him go without telling stories.

"Why is that man named Austin had the same experience as mine?"

"Because he had been in prison before, and two years more than you."

Joan gasped at his words. She knew the prison rules very well. Women were okay, and the bullying was not common. Even if they got into a fight, there would be no serious problems, and the prison guards would come to pull them away.

But it was said that men's prison was a place where the weak were the prey to the strong. It was said that if you were a newcomer, the one who had spent a lot of time in prison was supposed to do all kinds of things.

She heard about something like not allowing newcomers to eat or sleep.

"He is really amazing! No wonder he could be your friend!"

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