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   Chapter 42 The Wrong Drawing (Part One)

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"Come and sit here." He patted the place beside him and hinted her to come closer.

She rolled her eyes and sat down, ready to snatch the room card from him

His breath became heavier at this moment. He bent down and gave her a heavy kiss on the face. "Wow, it smells good."

Darren's breath spread on the face, the neck of hers, which was like ants crawling on the ground, "I have to change the design draft."

He grabbed his hair and gently stroked Joan's cheek. Her eyes were so itchy she hurriedly moved away.

"Joan, what are you thinking about? Why are you blushing at the thought? "

She struggled out of his embrace, but didn't know what to say. What she was thinking was that if he would plot against her.

Now she had to open the closet with her back to him and search for something in her suitcase. As a matter of fact, she did not have many clothes at all. She just put all her clothes in a dark plaid bag. Then she took out several of his clothes and tried to find the switch of the dark plaid.

"Click." Suddenly, a bag of plastic bag fell out, with something in it. People with the sign of Cancer's biggest weakness was its intense curiosity to anything.

If you say, don't touch with your hands. There are thorns on them, and bleeding will make you very painful. The person with the sign of Cancer would touch it to see how painful it was.

She didn't know whether other people would act this way or not, but she felt that she was.

Then she opened a crack on the package and shyly looked inside.

There was a new bag of underwear for men, which was put in the bag in order. She was scolding herself. Especially now, Darren

d copy something from the flash drive."

Adam Geng narrowed his eyes as he recalled that the time he met Jean at the door of a dinner party held by a well-known entrepreneur of S City. When he just got off his car, he saw a woman standing there with a security guard, speaking and begging to the security guard.

He stroked the boss glassed on his face and appeared in front of her.

The woman wore a tight golden evening dress which was able to reveal her perfect figure. The V-neck of the dress was right at the bottom of the cleavage, but it didn't reveal anything. It gave the man who saw her endless thoughts.

But it was obviously not from a normal shop. The clothes were of rough materials and some thread ends were exposed outside. And will the entire dress would be stripped when the thread was pulled open?

"My lady, don't you have a male companion today?" He walked over like a gentleman and brought a light to Jean.

That's right. She just wanted to take part in this banquet to get the chance to come into contact with the upper class, so that she could marry a rich guy easily!

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