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   Chapter 39 A Blind Date

Honey Trap By Chen Muer Characters: 10037

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"I passed by the design department in the afternoon. I saw someone shopping and making video calls with their boyfriends. They were very happy. Do you think that I am a fool who holds a salary to pay staff who is chatting during working time?" He kept tapping his fingers on the table, which was getting more and more powerful.

He pointed at the nose of the chief designer and said sarcastically, "Chief? How did you write it on your resume? You graduated from Harvard, and came back from abroad. How come you are not as good as a woman who has been in jail in the Lu Company? Are you worse than her? "

The chief designer, who was cursed and pointed at by Scott, was here when his father was still the director of the board. He had always been arrogant and had never been questioned or said "no" by anyone. He was already upset since she was questioned by Scott.

"Mr. Scott, I'm respectful to you. But it doesn't mean that I'm your servant. I'm employed by your father. I made a contribution to the company when it was established. If you think you're lucky enough to find a talent, I'll give up my position. But you have no right to disrespect me!" He stood up slowly, took off the badge hung on his neck and threw it on the table.

However, Scott was pissed off. He put his arm in front of him and said, "Are you serious?" It's not up to you! "

The two men stood at the same time, without taking a step back. Both of them were not convinced. Seeing that, Jean could not help but walk out of the room slowly. "Alas, why do you have to say that, Scott?"

"He is father's friend, I think you should endure this." Jean whispered to her ears. However, her words didn't work. Scott was so angry that he couldn't stand it at all.

"Lu Company is on top of me and I feel uncomfortable with it. I cannot lead a happy life even just for one day. Do I need to act like a coward at my own place?" Looking around, he said, "If you don't want to work hard, all of you can

get out! I'll hire another batch of new employees!"

After that, he left, leaving the people looking at each other in dismay.

After Scott left, they expressed their dissatisfaction to each other.

"Mr. Jian must have lost his mind recently. It's not our fault. We didn't work because there was nothing to do in the company. It's the same to stare at the computer screen and be absent-minded. What's the difference?"

Another designer who was packing her backpacks said, "He was most likely not angry with what happened today. It was his ex-wife who had been kicked away by him. And now it was his ex-wife, who was more capable than him, that worked together to suppress him and the Jian Company. I guess he has been holding back his anger for a long time."

"That's right. I heard from Paula that she and many people whom Mr. Lu personally sent to talk with, were stopped by his assistant or the famous body guard. They were shut out several times."

As soon as she finished speaking, someone reached out to cove

have a piece of news to tell you."

"What news?" he asked, looking at Darren in a serious manner

"Just now, my sister called me and said that my stepmother found your mother to play mahjong at home, and by the way, she introduced my sister to your mother. Your mother probably would arrange a blind date for you. I just came to tell you that I have to go if there is nothing else. I have a lot of things to finish."

Joan felt her anger was going to explode. After she finished her sentence, she stood up and was about to leave.

"Joan, are you jealous?"

Joan's heart skipped a beat, but she denied it. She was a girl, and she remembered what happened that night. He had done such a rude thing to her, so she couldn't admit that she had a crush on him.

'Even if he treats me well, it can't be changed.'.

'Be reserved, Joan. You can't take the initiative to chase the boy, ' she told herself!

"As I said, I just sent a message."

"But how do you know that I will never fall in love with your sister?" He stepped closer and said, "Unless it is, you don't want me to go out to see her in your heart."

He was forcing her to admit, but she didn't want to be fooled.


"Nonsense?" Darren shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, I got it wrong. But I don't think your sister is worse than you. How about I going to meet her?"

He wanted to play a little. He thought she was really funny. She looked so adorable that he even wanted to pinch her.

Unexpectedly, his joke made Joan angry.

It turned out that she was just flattering herself.

She turned back to him and said, "Yes, she is more gentle, quieter and prettier than me. Maybe you will fall in love with her without any acting. Your mother is satisfied with her too. You could kill two birds with one stone. I talked too much."

Although she said so, she felt a little disappointed as if her heart was clogged by a heavy stone. She had a feeling similar to the feeling she had when she divorced.

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