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   Chapter 34 Who Loved You

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Joan's car arrived earlier than Austin's call. Darren stood up, held Joan's shoulder and looked her up and down.

"Where have you been?" He removed a leaf from her bangs and asked, "What happened?"

"I will tell you all about these in detail. But why are you still sitting on the first floor? Should we go upstairs to visit our old friend?"

Joan and Darren smiled at each other, and the look on their faces showed that they knew their plans.

"Darren, the minibus at the entrance is the one which has kidnapped me,"

Darren nodded and instructed Austin to investigate it carefully and secretly.

Jean made two phone calls to the first floor to ask if they saw a man in black formal suit go upstairs. The waiter answered her politely. Some sat on the sofa on the first floor and also asked her if he was her guest.

After thinking for a long time, she felt something was wrong. When she was about to change her clothes and go downstairs to see what was going on, the door of her room was knocked.

"Like I said, I have hidden Joan. Even if the man knows that someone has lied to him, he will come to see what has been done."

She immediately put on a most beautiful smile to welcome him.

The glass in her hand dropped to the floor, and the red wine spilled all over the floor. "Joan, why are you here? Aren't you..."

"Shouldn't I be still in the barren wasteland, being held together with Celia by your men? Jean, you look so sexy today. Are you waiting for someone? "

Joan blinked her big, innocent eyes and asked, "Darren, is she waiting for you?" She felt wronged, as if a tear could be found on her face at any time.

With these words, he touched the dirt off her clothes, and said, "I'm preparing an important document. Now I'm taking some documents with me to meet Miss Bai. You're faster than me."

Jean's face turned from red to pale. She wished she could have a dagger and cut Joan into pieces. She held her phone in her hands, as if clutching at the last straw to save her life. Now she was at a disadvantage. She would talk about the revenge later. What a smart woman would do now was to turn the tables on today's chaos into a fake one without letting Scott know.

"Joan, I admit I have taken your phone number, but I just want to check if you keep in touch with my husband. Don't forget that you are his ex-wife. I'm his wife now. His wife cares about him, and it makes sense."

Then, he pulled out his phone and said to her, "Miss Bai, I assume that you didn't send me the message, did you?"

"I did send it." Jean didn't want to give up. So she raised Joan's phone and said, "I saw the call records between my husband and her, so I came up with this stupid idea. I'm not a woman of no virtue."

Joan couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"Darren, let's go," She took a look at Jean a

couldn't wait to grab her hands on the table, which were crossed in front of him, and said, "I just wanted to seek some fresh excitement. I didn't betray you on purpose. Joan, I know you are magnanimous. Can you forgive me?"

He chattered about for a long time with the generations of friendship between their two families. Joan listened quietly, watching his mouth moving up and down.

"You know what? I really want to tell you something."

He shook his head and couldn't guess what she was going to say.

Joan pulled her fingers out of his palms one after another, and then her words slapped him across the face. "Scott, I just realized that you and Jean are a perfect match. It makes me feel sick!"

Without waiting for Scott's answer, she grabbed her purse and added, "How dare you say that we loved each other? Let me tell you, Scott. If you believed a mistress and put your wife in a dangerous place where she couldn't do whatever she wants, you won't be able to have a future. "

Divorce was the most right decision she had made so far. She had hesitated when she first decided to divorce. Would she feel sad without that familiar person by her side. But now she only knew that she was living a happy and fulfilled life.

She was not only removed from the title of the number one celebrity in S City, but also got rid of the title of Mrs. Jian. As a designer of the Lu Company, she made achievements with her own hands and gained general recognition, so she was much more fulfilling than before.

"I don't believe it!" "It's impossible that you don't love me anymore. Do you really have the heart to see me live a dissolute life in Darren's company?" his exclamation made the owner startled.

As he had expected, he didn't even have the heart to tell a a better lie. He must have thought she was the fool who would comfort him as long as he frowned and stamped his feet?

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