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   Chapter 32 Cooperation

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The minibus reeked of gasoline, which made Joan sick. She had been sitting in the outermost side of the crowd, enjoying the romantic moment.

Without precaution, she was dragged all the way out, with her mouth and nose covered by a hand. Joan tried to fight back and shout out. She didn't scream out, and the two men were too strong to let her struggle.

In this way, she was pushed all the way to a minibus. As soon as she sat down, she saw two women sitting on the backseat.

"Hi, Joan. It's been a long time."

Although the woman was wearing sunglasses and mask, she still recognized her.

Several days ago...

Jean was browsing the information about Darren on the computer. She wondered why she hadn't realized how outstanding he was before marrying to Scott. If she had known that she wouldn't be able to hold her head high after getting married to Luke, she wouldn't have brought shame on Tabitha.

Debbie thought

She didn't believe she couldn't have a breakthrough. Now, her husband was still mad at her for being unreasonable. She couldn't rely on him anymore. She had to solve the problem on her own.

Her stepmother and stepsister were Laura and Celia.

They had a life style of luxury. They indulged themselves in dissipation and the main source of income was that they always hooked men with beautiful looks, which made them addicted to gambling. This pair of mother and daughter were really perfect match. Jean praised them. It seemed that she should take a chance to meet Celia.

Perhaps, they could achieve the same goal.

Jean lowered her head, put on her peaked cap and waited at the gate of the Gu family's apartment for a long time. Before she was about to take a taxi, she dialed the number.

"Miss Celia." Jean got off the car. She leaned against the door and nodded at Celia, "Miss Xu, you look gorgeous. Where are you going?"

"Who are you?"

Jean nodded to the man who was approaching Celia. "It doesn't matter who I am. The most important thing is that I think we are the same kind of people now, so we need cooperation."

"Cooperate? I Emm... "

Looking at her sullen face, Jean didn't take it seriously. She had no other choice but to keep a low profile and avoid talking to her directly. Recently, she was in the midst of the storm.

"Brooke, your new girlfriend?"

"What on earth do you want?" Celia was trembling with anger and fear. She didn't know whether Brooke was married or not. What if she was Celia's wife? Would she be miserable.

However, she did not make any response to Celia's words. Jean just looked at her with a playful look. How could this woma

u, you are so young and have seen a lot of people, so you certainly won't be afraid of these small tricks."

She took out a camera from her handbag and tossed it to the man behind her. "Remember to record it clearly. Record Miss Xu's beauty and appearance. Make sure to take a good picture. I have to send it to Mr. Brooke and Mr. Cheng."

The arrogance and calmness on Celia's face faded away bit by bit when she heard the name of Brooke. At last, Celia crept over when Jean was about to leave. "No, Miss Bai, please don't be angry with me. I'm wrong. Please let me go."

"You're smart. I have more important things to do now and I don't have time to waste here. You stay here and help me keep an eye on this woman. Don't let her spoil my plan."

She kicked the unconscious Joan with her tiptoe and left on another car. She checked the list of her phone. The calls were not only from Darren but also from Scott.

In the past few days, she hadn't received any phone calls from Scott. When she actively called him or went to the entrance of the company to stop him, the assistant or the receptionist apologized to her in a polite way.

"Mr. Jian is busy; he is in a meeting; he just went out." There were a myriad of reasons. All of them were excuses because he didn't want to see her. This was just after their wedding. The employees were indulged in guess.

Although his close assistant always called her sister politely, she was suspicious, and she thought that they looked down on her.

Now that she was holding Joan's phone, she was sure that Scott wasn't really busy. He still had feelings for her. 'I will never allow such kind of thing to happen to me. I will dump my men. How can be dumped first because of another woman?' she thought.

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