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   Chapter 31 Joan Went Missing

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"Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is powered off. Please redial it later." 'Well, you really get some guts now. Jean is looking for his assistant's phone number, but a message was sent to her phone before she could make any further inquiries.

"Dear Jean Bai, The airline ticket you booked on XX/XX/XXXX from S City to Sri Lanka has been cancelled. Thank you for your support."

She couldn't control her temper anymore and her phone was flying in a parabolic path. The screen of her phone was like the spider web. She was so angry that she couldn't say anything. The room was empty, and no one listened to her. She trembled with anger and scolded him harshly.

"Scott, aren't you supposed to accompany Jean? Why are you here today?" The assistant thought Scott would be in a good mood since he was newly married, so he would give them some gifts.

However, he looked as cold as an ice cube that he had just taken out of the fridge. "If I were you, I would get out of here right now and close the door. No more nonsense!" he said to his assistant.

The assistant got a fright and hurried out with the documents. He was still worried and told others that Scott seemed to have something wrong today.

"Mr. Lu," said Selina cheerfully as she walked into Darren's office It was just a few words, but he could feel her happiness.

"What is it? You look so happy. " Darren asked calmly, without raising his eyes to look at her. He had already known the expression on her face, while he was reading a book in his hand.

A piece of paper elegantly dropped on the desk. Selina had never been so naughty before, but she was sure that when Darren saw the information on the paper, he would definitely be pleased.

The company's status would be enhanced. Besides, Joan had made great efforts to accomplish something.

She saw that he looked at the paper for a long time without saying anything. She could tell that Mr. Lu would not let her work overtime today.

This was the happiest thing for Selina. Only when she had done well could she get off work on time and get rid of his control.

When she turned around and walked out, she walked to Joan's desk and whispered, "Miss Gu, you'll be promoted soon."

"Me?" Joan pointed at herself. Why?

Before Selina could explain everything to her, Darren strode out from the end of the corridor, with a hand in his arm.

In the middle of the courteous greetings, he acted like an emperor turning over the list and chose Joan, "Please stay after work."

Selina winked at her.

Scott didn't come home for two consecutive days and nights. It was not because he was still angry with Jean, but because recently, Jian Company's status had been suppressed by Darren. 'What does Mr. Lu mean?' He has been out of the government business for so many years and has never been involved in the field competition for land. It's not that easy for him to make a foothold in this field with the help of his subordinates. But at the beginning of this month, the most important project at the end of the year was taken away by the Lu Company.

His old friend said, "Buddy, if it was someone else, I may help you make it. But it's Lu Company. For the s

e is a violin music over there. I want to have a look. Would you like to join in the fun?" A noise from the other side drew the attention of Tabitha. She pounded on the table and asked Terence.

Darren frowned and said, "I don't like anything too loud."

Before he finished his words, the girl sitting opposite him had already disappeared from his sight, which was probably out of her natural instinct. When he thought of this, a smile spread across his lips. He picked up a slice of beef steak on the plate, which smelt delicious.

The clamor in the next room gradually dissipated, and time passed by slowly. But the person who had gone to see the violinist hadn't come back. Darren was a little angry. She just left him alone and let him wait for so long.

"Sir, our restaurant is closed at half past ten. Will you..." The waiter reminded him carefully. He could tell from the man's expensive clothes and cold eyes that he was an unruly person.

The finger on the Patek Philippe watch was pointing to 10. As the number of the customers decreased around one table, he sensed that something was wrong and asked the waiter tensely, "How many tables are left here?"

"Sir, only two tables left except you and two tables had already paid for the meal. They are about to leave."

'Where Joan she go?' He paid twice of the price. He slapped the money on the table and rushed towards where Joan went.

"No, I didn't see her.". He asked everyone, but nobody said he had saw her.

Darren Lu lost his manner except the one time he was at the airport. He just ignored the fact that his hair drooped down. When he arrived at the ground floor, the driver hurriedly came out to greet him and opened the door for him.

"Mr. Lu, what are you..." Darren kept calling Joan but couldn't get through. His heart sank slowly with the cold, mechanical voice on the phone.

"Ask Selina to call Austin right away." Instead of sitting on the back seat, he took the car key from the driver's hand.

"Take a taxi. I'll reimburse the fare."

In a flash, he pressed the accelerator hard, and galloped on the brightly lit road of S City.

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