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   Chapter 29 The Limelight

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"Focus on your work." Selina pretended to be serious and scolded, "I have told you that Mr. Lu has been a little..."

"Mind your own business. Don't ask questions that you shouldn't ask." She cleared her throat, as if she felt something wrong with her previous words.

The 26th was an unusual day. A few years ago, as the most famous woman in S City, her wedding with Scott has caused a sensation in the whole business empire.

At that time, the whole city was flooded by the media that were introducing their wedding. They described the couple as a model. Meanwhile, some blessings arrived.

At that time, she really foolishly believed those words, especially when Scott knelt in front of her with a bright wedding ring in his hand, and he made the promise without hesitation. He said he only loved her in his life, and their love would never fade like white roses.

But they were all lies. It would be really strange if white roses kept alive all the time. At that time, she only cared about happiness, and was moved by these words. Now thinking of it, it was ridiculous.

She said that she didn't care about it at all, but she couldn't fall asleep last night. She came to her father's cemetery, where cold wind blew from time to time at four o'clock in the morning. Her father's photo looked at her under the bright sky, smiling. This was the person who loved her the most in the world.

"Father." Joan held a piece of the morning newspaper she had just bought. Today's wedding was on the headlines of the commercial section. All the reporters still remembered that the previous most famous lady in S City was once the groom's wife, and on the newspaper, were the throwback of their love stories.

However, they must have met with Scott and Jean before and got the information from them. They said that she was unruly and her nature was hard to change. In the end, she was brought to the prison by accident because of jealousy after she got married for half a year. As a result, Scott, who had a deep affection for her, could not fall asleep at night.

It's disgusting! Joan set the newspapers on fire and burned them to ashes. "Dad, I'll let you see them. But don't worry. I'm fine now. I'm still the fearless girl when you were here. I'll protect myself and find out the truth of the collapse of the Gu Company."

She touched her father's face and the corners of his mouth with infinite attachment.

"Dad, Scott invited me to attend his wedding today. I know he hates me to the core. He must be up to something." She raised her head firmly and said, "But I have to go. For the sake of you, I can't let bad guys bully me too much."

When the morning sunlight came, the dew on the flowers in front of her father's tomb accumulated into tears. Darren made a dozen phone calls to her. When he was about to send out the resources to look for her, Joan answered the phone.

"I'm at the cemetery."

Joan's cold voice dispelled all his anger. He kept silent for a while and said in a low voice, "Okay, I'll pick you up at the graveyard."

In the car that picked up Joan, not only Darren whose jaw was taut was there, but also Abbott. Wearing a pale face and confused eyes, Joan looked at Darren.

"Even if she is not happy, don't let others make a fool of her. Abbott, help her with some make-up!"

Joan's lips wriggled, closed her eyes and let Abbott's fingers and brush rub on her face.

He was right. She wanted to be a beautiful and shining woman in front of him. She didn't want him to laugh at her helplessness. She wanted him to regret for his stupidity.

A huge photo was placed at the gate of the Bright Hall Hotel. It was a photo in which a woman in white with Scott holding her waist gently. Their faces were so close that they looked like a couple.

The crowd knew that an extraordinary person came when Darren Lu's Maybach drove directly to the front door of the hotel. The dressed bride and groom rushed to greet them.

The car window was pasted with a dark tea colored glass membrane, so they couldn't see clearly who was sitting inside until the waiter who came to greet them opened the door respectfully.

"Sir, miss, nice to serve you." The reporters turned their cameras to them, and everyone was looking forward to the figure getting out of the car.

First, he stepped on the red carpet with his slender legs. He looked around the crowd with a cold face, and then reached out his hands. His small delicate hands in the car timidly put on his hands.

The pink dress set off the soft side of the girl. She was so beautiful that she was even more beautiful than the bride today. Of course, the skill of Abbott played an important role. However, she had an arrogant and supercilious expression which was similar to that of Darren Lu, which made the women around her weaker.

Jean was not convinced, but she couldn't say anything in front of Mr. Lu, so she smiled at him.

However, her hand was rejected.

"No need. I'll take care of my wife." These words sounded very alienated. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Mr. Lu seemed to have a deep grudge against the new couple. They took a closer look at the woman next to Darren. Although she was more beautiful than before, it was still clear that she was the ex-wife of today's groom, who was also the most capable lady before and the daughter of the

Gu family.

They had thought that she must have been living a miserable life as she had hidden herself for many years. Now they finally saw her, although her family declined, she was no less beautiful than she was in the past.

"Darren," She whispered to him, "Where are we sitting?"

With a tacit agreement, Darren rubbed her nose and said, "I know you want quietness and don't like to be disturbed. Let's go to the second floor. No one will disturb us and we can see the banquet."

He had already booked the entire second floor of the hotel. Although it was Scott's wedding, he became more eye-catching.

All the journalists were attracted by Mr. Lu and Joan. Their cameras had not been moved away from them since the moment they walked into the hotel. Jean liked the kind of feeling that she was surrounded by a crowd of people. But at that moment, she stood there awkwardly. No matter how hard she moved, the reporters had no time to care about her.

The news about Mr. Lu and the former Miss Gu could be more eye-catching than their wedding.

With a smile on her face, Joan rested her hand on the railing of the second floor, looking down at Scott and Jean.

It was time for her to revenge because of what had happened to her.

Joan was very familiar with the ceremony procedures. The couple exchanged the rings, filled the glass with champagne, and announced the declaration of love.

"I hope our love will be unshakable forever, and we will live our life hand in hand." The two mumbled at the same time. It seemed that they were also moved to tears.

Upon hearing that, Joan pursed her lips. Noticing her expression, Darren patted her on the back of her hand and offered, "How about going downstairs and having a drink with the couple?"

Do we have to do this? Every time she appeared, she was in a mess and didn't have the courage to ask for revenge. However, the strength and temperature of Darren's hand which was on the back of her hand made her feel calm, as if the temperature was delivering a message.

"They dare not to hurt you. I'm by your side."

The last wall in her heart collapsed. He stepped forward whenever she needed him to protect her poor self-esteem.

There were many times when he was in a good mood, Joan almost wanted to ask him why he had eyes for her. He didn't even look at the women who were in better shape and more beautiful than her.

Was it just because that she dared to contradict him? He must be a masochist.

Thinking of this, Joan burst into laughter. Darren glared at her and asked, "What are you laughing at?" He held her arm forcefully and went downstairs step by step.

"Mr. Lu is coming down." The shining Darren was a like magnetic field where journalists aimed at him with cameras. Scott winked at Jean. He was going to meet Mr. Lu.

The glass passed him and collided slightly with Joan's. although it was not strong, a few drops of wine spilled and sprinkled on the back of Joan's hand. "Joan, long time no see. You are living well."

"Scott, don't be too close to my fiancé in front of your bride and me." Charles put himself between them, separating them from each other.

Joan smiled coldly. "Thank you for your concern. On the one hand, you invited me to attend your wedding ceremony; on the other hand, I want to thank you."

"Thank me?" He was confused and wondered why the woman thanked him. 'Thank me for my leniency?'

With charming makeup in every detail, Joan's perfect expression showed perfectly. She held Darren's arm with one hand, and the wine glass in the other hand collided with Scott violently. The sound of "Ding" was heard by people around.

"Of course I need to thank you for letting me go. Otherwise, Darren and I wouldn't meet soon."

She said in a polite and impeccable tone. It was obvious that she was blaming someone. For example, the simplest part of this sentence contained many meanings. It was lucky that I had left you and met Darren, or I, as a person of narrow view, thought that you were the best.

After she broaden her horizon, she found that there was a person who was better than him, and that was not wrong at all.

"When we came in, I asked my assistant to give you a red envelope. There's the amount of money in it. It happens to be the amount of money you gave when you married Joan in the past. Now we are even. In the future, please behave yourself and don't meet Joan any more." Darren Lu said seriously, "You know what kind of person I am and what I don't like. People will be embarrassed after they do what I don't like."

Jian Company was well-known in the construction industry, but the Lu Company had a wider range of territory, which made Jian Company itself seemed to be worse in the business.

"But she is my ex-wife. I didn't expect that the graceful Mr. Lu would pick up my leftover." Glancing at Joan, who was clearly irritated by his words, Scott turned around and saw the look on Jean's face. He felt really happy.

He could dislike and abandon her, but she had been defeated thoroughly. It was humiliating for him to revenge Darren in this way.

It seemed that if not for him, Joan could only live in a pathetic way for the rest of her life.

He cleared his throat and said, "Since you don't give yourself any chance, I don't think I have to take into account that it is your good day today."

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