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   Chapter 25 Spy (Part Two)

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With a cup of sago soup in her hand, she half crouched in front of her and said, "Mom, don't get angry with Darren. He has so many things every day that he needs to deal with. It's inevitable that he is in a bad mood."

She thought that her youngest son was more considerate. He was like her. She touched Nick's head and said, "It's so lucky that I have you to keep me company, your brother... How many days does he come home in a year? What did we do to him? Why did he dislike us so much? "

"Mom, it's all my fault. Darren might be mad at me. When that woman left, he suspected that I did something behind him. That's why he has been hating me all the time."

He looked like a well behaved teenager who had been scolded. Anyone who saw him would feel sorry for him.

"It's not your fault. We did this for his own good, and this time, we can't let that unknown woman enter my door even a half step!"

The maid pushed the door open and brought the fruits that were prepared by her. They were all Nick's favorites. He had been served in the house for many years, and had been able to live a comfortable life. Of course, he would be more lazy and unwilling to make money to support himself.

Besides, Anna had always been tolerant to her son. If he made a mistake, she would forgive him. After all, there were only two people in this family that he feared most. One was his grandfather and the other was his elder brother.

He was angry and afraid.

Their chess game lasted till midnight. Every time he played chess with his grandfather, he learned a lot from his lecture. Taking a general idea of the chess board to the mall, they were both very cruel.

He had learnt from his grandpa to hide his strength and bide his time. He rubbed his eyes and went back to his room. He hadn't come back for a long time. The room was still the same.

He opened the drawer and saw the frame that he dared not to see. He stroked the frame with his fingers for a while, but he didn't turn it over at last.

The next morning, Joan was treated differently in the office. Even the chief of the design department came to her and asked if she had felt anything uncomfortable at work.

With a title of Mrs. Lu, she felt the impact so powerful that it was hard to hide. Now that everyone had already known it, it would be unnatural to hide it from others. She smiled straightforwardly, looking like a graceful lady from a decent family.

"If I am not familiar with the work here, I have to ask you for advice. Please don't do this, Mr. Lu will also blame me if I break the company's rules."

She wasn't arrogant and she was telling the truth. Darren had always been scrupu

lous in separating public from private life.

"Okay, welcome, Joan." as soon as her voice fell, everyone else stood up and applauded.

However, she knew in her heart that these smiling faces were mostly sympathetic. If she wanted to really get respect from her colleagues, she had to get the approval of everyone on professional design.

She was neither a vase nor affiliated to Darren.

In the office, Darren opened the blinds with his fingers. When he saw Joan burying herself in front of the computer, he smiled.

She is really a strong-minded woman. He started to wonder how attractive the design will be. As time went by, the group had not been involved in the bidding event of the real estate industry of the government for a long time. Suddenly, he had a plan in his mind that he told Selina to pay more attention to that bidding.

The office seemed to be peaceful and harmonious, but there was a person quietly holding the phone to the bathroom.

"Hello, madam. This lady is indeed a designer in our company's design department."

"Good." A woman's calm voice sounded, "Send your bank card number to me. I promise you that you'll get as much money as you want."

It was a number that an employee of a small company could not get even after working hard for so many years. She said excitedly, "Thank you, Mrs. Gu. I will keep on observing. You can rest assured."

Before she hung up the phone, the busy tone could be heard. Before she could show her loyalty, the phone was hung up. His son was too young to do anything he wanted to free himself from her.

For so many years, she just sat at home and played cards, but she couldn't be deaf or blind.

His son could only be with a daughter from a family that was good for the company!

Zoey was polishing her smooth fingernails, blowing in from time to time, and listening carefully and appreciatively. Her silk pajamas were half exposed, with her curly hair pulled up and hung at the back of her head.

Her beautiful face and slender figure were a stunner in the eyes of every man. The cat on her knees was scratching a ball. Her long narrow eyes were a little similar to Zoey's.

Her mother said "Sweetheart" as she walked downstairs leisurely. Her lips were charmingly red, and her face was a little tired.

"Mom." She threw the cat aside, stood up and flew to her like a butterfly. "You just called Auntie Lu, right?"

Her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm, looking forward to an answer eagerly.

"You naughty girl." She kissed Zoey's forehead and said, "You have always been like this since you were a child. When you hear his name, I think your ears are pleasant and exquisite!"

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