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   Chapter 24 Spy (Part One)

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"Okay, Nick, please explain that you've passed me and embezzled money from the financial department a few days ago." He saw the anger and coldness on Nick's face fade away.

"Not at all!" Seeing that his mother had become suspicious, he boiled the oil under his feet and prepared to run away before the situation became worse.

Darren, who was standing behind him, criticized, "Nick Lu, what have you done? I didn't debunk you because I thought that you are my brother. Otherwise, I'm afraid that if it was someone else who did that, I would make him not be able to stay in the industry anymore."

"Look out for yourself." He warned him.

Someone applauded. They looked in the direction of the sound, and didn't know when their grandpa had woken up. He stood at the turning of the stairs on the second floor and said, "Darren, you disturbed my birthday party, and now you are here shouting and scolding at night. Do you really think that you are the head of this family?"

Anna, meanwhile, quickly walked over and held Sean Lu with nanny holding his the other arm. Though he was already 70, he was still sharp sighted. A wise man like Darren would always think back of his mother, who only knew beauty and playing cards and was extremely skilled at them every day. However, he respected the Sean Lu who founded the Lu Company.

Besides, grandpa is the only reasonable person in the family who can listen to different opinions.

"Grandpa, I know why you are angry, but you should know me. Zoey is not what you see on the surface."

He simply told him that Zoey had drugged him.

Sean Lu put his crutch aside and said, "Sit down, Darren."

It was until then that Darren realized that he didn't even get into the living room to have a seat. He sat on the sofa next to his grandfather. His grandfather sent the nanny and his mother away. The conversation began and only the two of them could hear.

"Who is she? What does she have to do with the woman who took the money and left?" She was referred to Joan.

It was not his grandfather's fault. Even he himself thought they looked like each other, but with his understanding of Joan, he could be sure that she was not that kind of woman.

So he stated firmly, "She is the woman who has been framed by Scott and put into jail. She is his ex-wife."

"Scott?" He sneered at the name, "He is the young master of the Jian Company, who is involved in tax evasion and internal transaction."

Darren nodded, and Sean Lu pondered for a while. He was indeed not a good guy.

"How do you know what kind of person his ex-wife is? How do you know each other?"

They knew each other by chance. Now when he thought of it, he couldn't help but come up to his lips. That woman clung

to his thigh and cried sadly, like a beggar, blaming that men are all evil.

At that time, he was just curious why there was such a spoony woman in the world who would cry like this after being abandoned.

Her curiosity towards Joan had been planted in that rainy night.

He thought that it was his first time to sleep with a girl in person, not because he was too reserved, but because of this woman. He took her into the room and asked the waitress to change her clothes. When he came in again, he found that she threw up on the whole sofa.

It was already early in the morning. He didn't want to bother Selina to drive the car to pick him up. Besides, he was worried about leaving a sick and fragile girl alone in a hotel room.

After the water was wiped out, Joan lay in the snow-white quilt gracefully. The dim light shone on her side face, making her look like an old friend of his. Yet, it seemed that she was more persistent, and more sacred to love.

The smile beside his lips showed that everything was under his control. His grandfather felt relieved. He knew his grandsons very well. One of them looked cold and didn't care about anything, but when he liked something, he was fatal. He felt cold outside and hot inside, while the other one was spoiled by Anna. He looked energetic and cheerful, but in fact he was in a bad mood.

Because of the death of his son, the heirs were only two grandsons, he handed over the management of the company to Darren without hesitation.

A few days ago, Darren Lu, who had suffered a serious illness because of a woman, had to be back in power for several days. So what mattered to him now was not anything else, but whether his grandson would hold himself together this time.

"Ha ha ha, I won't ask anymore. I don't care about the life of young people. But let me tell you, do not make jokes about your own body like last time."

He knew what his grandfather meant, but he wasn't sure whether he would pay attention to Joan if she didn't have such a familiar face.

"Stay here tonight. I haven't had a chance to play chess with you for a long time. Why don't you come and play with me tonight?" Grandpa was a chess fan. Darren smiled and held him upstairs.

In the bedroom, through the crack of the door, Nick looked at the back of his grandfather and brother, biting his lips secretly.

He thought to himself, 'Darren Lu, I will let you have your happiness for a few days. You can't know that I have planted a seed beside you in the past, and I can do that now.

I can only succeed this time, and I won't fail again!

He went to knock on his mother's door. She was still sitting on the bed sulking. As her youngest son was good at coaxing her with sweet words.

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