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   Chapter 18 Nominal Girlfriend

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The doctor said that he had never seen a girl so fearless of pain.

When he was using the tweezers and the alcohol to rub her wound, she was motionless, as if she was hit on a acupoint. She didn't even groan.

Only when the glass was pulled out, she trembled slightly, which indicated that the patient he treated still had painful nerves.

All the wounds were disinfected and applied medicine. Joan insisted on not staying in the hospital for observation. Therefore, Shelly carefully put her arms in her sleeves to avoid hurting her back.

"Joan, aren't you afraid of pain?"

Of course she was afraid. She still remembered the time when her father took her to take a vaccine. At that time, she was like a princess. Although her stepmother didn't care about her but still tried her best to play a good mother in front of her father, she never embarrassed her.

All had changed when her father died of an illness.

She buttoned herself up calmly and said, "I was afraid before, I'm afraid of nothing after I stayed in prison."

"You had been in prison?" She asked in disbelief, "Why?"

Patting on Shelly's head, she said softly, "I was framed by my husband and was sent to prison by him in person. So, Shelly, there are more bad people in the society than good people. Don't be too naive. You must protect yourself."

She quickly clicked on the Shelly's phone and said, "This is my phone number. You can call me if you need anything."

Joan wasn't used to be taken care of by others. So she pushed away Shelly's arms and tried to stand up against the pain. After she was cut off from all the routes, there was only one place she could go.

She turned around and said to Shelly, "I don't have any money now. I want to borrow 100 in addition to the medical fee."

Without a word, Shelly took out two notes from her backpack and told Joan not to return the money.

"Shelly, your good deeds will be returned."

She stood in front of the office building for a long time. If she needed to ask for help, she would rather go to beg Darren rather than Scott.

What's more, with Jean she and Scott couldn't communicate well.

His assistant, Selina Zhang, asked her to wait a little longer in the reception room. She just said okay carelessly. She kept reminding herself that she came to beg him, and if he wanted her to wait, she had to wait.

After a long while, the door of the reception room opened with a click. She looked up and stared at the man in a complicated look. He wore a simple black suit, but he looked more graceful than the pricy black suit.

He gestured with his hand to make her sit down, and then he sat down on the main seat.

"You have five minutes." He was cold and arrogant. If it had been in the past, she would have run away. But today, she had murmured it in her heart for several times

"I am looking for a job. He is my interviewer."

He had been staring at her with a mysterious smile since he entered the room. He had only given her five minutes.

"I, I decide to accept your proposal to work in your company."

Darren still kept silent and looked

at her silently. He saw her fingers have dug out the leather on the chair armrest. Her face was flushed out of embarrassment. Then she opened her mouth slowly.

"Miss Gu, you finally think it through? But it's a pity that our company always pays attention to efficiency. We are squeezed out of time and we don't have any vacant position to wait for you. "

Darren didn't know if it was because of his fierce tone that her self-esteem was affected. She stood up and prepared to run away.

"But I'm prepared to listen. If I provide you with a position you're satisfied with, what can you repay me?"

There was a water pen on the table, and he skillfully held the pen between his fingers and flipped it. He looked at Joan with great interest.

It seemed that he had never seen this woman blush so nervous and unable to speak, except that day when she found herself naked on his bed.

Interesting. He smiled. She seemed to have put on a heavy makeup today, with a very thick layer of foundation. But he did not know why, he felt that the red on her face seemed to be somewhat inappropriate, but he could not tell why.

"There are three minutes left, Miss Gu." He adjusted his crossed legs and said, "I'm going to have a meeting in three minutes. You can stay here for tea or a cup of coffee. If I'm free again, it may be in the middle of the night."

She squeezed out a few words between her teeth with great difficulty, "I can promise you anything except to marry you."

"As if I compelled you to do something terrible." Darren was unhappy to hear that she took their marriage as an absolutely forbidden thing.

Maybe he was not as good as Scott?

Joan took a deep breath and said, "I can be your nominal girlfriend as an excuse for you but not a substantial girlfriend. I mean..." She bit her lower lip, "I mean, I won't perform my duty as Mrs. Lu."

He slowly pressed down the last mouthful of tea and gently put the cup back on the table. Three minutes had passed, and he stood up and pushed the door open and left. When Joan was about to call him back, she heard him walk smoothly and ordered Selina to follow behind.

Joan heard every word clearly.

"Give a suitable job for her."

His words warmed Joan's heart. She took a few steps forward to thank him in a louder voice. While walking, she accidentally touched her wound that had been bandaged on her back.

"Ouch!" Joan gasped in astonishment. She closed her eyes and held the wall to resist the pain of the wound with her long eyelashes trembling like butterfly's wings.

When she felt painful, she could not help but close her eyes and think about something else. This was what one of her friends in prison told her when she was beaten. She applied medicine to Joan. Joan had tried it and it worked.

The sound of the footsteps from the other end of the hallway seemed to approach her again. She tried hard to open her eyes as if nothing had happened. She smiled when she saw Darren come back again.

"Are you hurt?" His expression was not as cold as before. It could be Joan's illusion that there was worry in his eyes.

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