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   Chapter 14 Unexpected

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"Scott, don't bother." With a slight yawn, Darren turned sideways quietly, avoiding the hand that Scott handed to him. 'Why not embarrass him? He made her suffer a lot, ' he thought.

He gazed at Joan, who was standing on the stage with pursed lips. His eyes were as bright and clear as water, as tender as clouds. He almost forgot what he was going to say.

Selina coughed by his side so he turned his eyes. Darren walked to the crowd and the judge as usual.

"Mr. Lu." Even the calm and serious designer stood up.

"Jason, I have talked a lot about you. My grandfather wants to play chess with you someday." Darren reached out his hand and gave him a vague support. He didn't appear to be unfamiliar with him, nor did he intend to humbly please him.

Selina put her hand on her glasses and swallowed a bit. She had been with Darren for a long time, but every time she showed up with her boss on such an occasion, she couldn't help being attracted by his handsome appearance.

With one hand casually in his trouser pocket, he seemed to be more handsome than Scott or any other guy. When he appeared, all the stars were extinguished.

But recently, his boss always liked to give that woman a lot of time, which was very eye-catching. It turned out that he could also smile, and he had other things apart from work. Just then, Darren strode onto the stage.

"I trust her. I can also prove that Miss Gu designed this." Pretending not to notice the graceful look on Joan's face, Darren continued, "Because Miss Gu drew this from my computer. Besides, I gave a lot of advice on it. It was presented by both of us. This design belongs to us. Why did Miss Bai and Mr. Jian say she plagiarized?"

Putting on a serious look, he asked, "Do you think I plagiarized?"

"No, absolutely not." Scott quickly kept a smile on his face, and Jean also became very hospitable to him. They praised his creation and disdained their own design.

Some sharp eyed reporters found that the woman who was standing behind Darren without saying a word was exactly the woman who was in Darren's arms at the door of the top-level entertainment club. They thought that Darren's sudden occurrence on such a trivial competition should have something to do with that woman.

The young reporter wearing a peaked cap gritted his teeth and took a few photos of Darren's action of pulling Joan forward. He thought, 'That rich woman might be useful to me. By then, I can sell these photos at a high price'.

He gave the microphone to Joan and stood aside. All of a sudden, Selina felt that her boss had become a faithful bodyguard standing there with his hands down. He asked, "Miss Gu, please continue."

The audience were not deaf or blind. Even if they didn't want to respect

Joan, they had to show some respect for Darren. The people in the crowd were all shocked, even Jean, who was dignified just now, shut her mouth. She stood aside with an expression resembled both crying and laughing and applauded unwillingly.

"Everyone has his or her own unique understanding towards the same

piece of work. I just want to say that this piece of work is a decent and elaborate work created in a young girls' dreams. Maybe it's not perfect, or maybe it doesn't have much business value. But I really have never plagiarized any work from anyone, and I never thought of winning the first prize or what. I just want to express the meaning of a piece of work. My design principle is that I give each piece of work a different feeling. "

Maybe it was because of Darren's appearance, Joan was frightened by the sudden applause. First it was from one or two people. Finally the old man Jason put on a gentle smile.

She didn't wait for the result to be announced but left together with Darren, because what he said made sense. He asked, "Do you still need a result now? Scott wants to make his new girlfriend famous in this industry. She will soon win veneration and be a good match in terms of family background. "

"They already are a good match," Bitches and bastards are the same sort of things that will stuck with each other. She muttered these words herself, and she didn't say it out loud to the man next to her.

When they arrived at the front door, the driver opened the door for them. Darren, who was sitting in the car, couldn't forget what she had said.

He turned around, with one of his arms resting on the leather back of her seat, and asked, "Why are you so resentful? Do you still love Scott?"

"How could it be possible?" During the three years in prison, she had never stopped thinking of those dirty scenes. She also remembered the weird smile on Jean's face when she was rolling down the stairs and the blood on Jean's hands.

Still in love with him? How could it be possible? Even if she loved the iceberg in front of her, she would never love Scott.

Something had happened, and that was it. No matter how she tried to pretend as if nothing had happened, they could never get back together.

"That's great." He turned around and told the driver to drive Joan back to his small apartment. "Miss Gu, why don't you come to work at my company? You can get paid as much as you like. And you can still choose your favorite design work."

"You have so many talents, why do you hire me?"

He tapped his knees rhythmically and said in a low voice that no one could hear, "Because the stuff they designed doesn't resemble hers."

Joan couldn't hear him clearly, nor did she want to figure out what he had said. She always had a knot in her heart. She had spent her worst night after being released in the same room with him.

The thought of it made her blush. She was covered in the soft quilt, and when she woke up, she saw Darren out of the bath and half-covered.

Although Darren immediately said he had no interest in her, her body was seen by this man. Besides, he said he was not interested in a sarcastic way.

Joan's last vanity was destroyed by him. Although she was not as beautiful as a fairy, but she didn't think she was ugly enough to be disliked.

"Miss Gu!"

"Ah." Joan turned to him in confusion.

"Did you hear me?"

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