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   Chapter 10 Do You Have Anywhere Else To Go

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Darren stopped for a while with a cigarette in his hand and said, "Go on."

Secretary Zhang's face looked a little complicated. Indeed, Joan found a job that could support her to sustain her life. She made it to be an assistant to a designer who was not very famous at all. It was really unfair for a talented designer like her. Joan's works all became Todd Liu's. And Todd Liu obtained a big order because of her draft and more and more famous in the industry.

All her honor and interests had been given to him. What Joan got was only a small amount of salary.

Frankly speaking, she helped others cheat.

She had no choice but to earn her living, "Miss Gu is so talented. If she have a good platform, she must be very outstanding. With that stain, her whole life is almost ruined. Otherwise, if you recruit her in the Lu Company, those top designers can quit their jobs. Now... What a pity. "

Through this period of time's observation of Joan, Selina Zhang's impression of this strong woman was very good. Although she was born in a wealthy family, she was not arrogant or restrained. She did not abandon her dignity because of the awkward situation, but trying to live with her own hands. So she sighed and spoke more of her.

"Mr. Lu, Todd Liu doesn't look like a good person. I'm afraid that she is not safe if she stays there for a long time."

After keeping silent for a while, he waved his hand and asked Selina Zhang to come to him. Darren whispered something to her.

After Selina Zhang withdrew from his office, Darren took out his wallet and opened it. There was a photo of a young girl with a pair of beautiful eyes and a gentle smile on her face. She resembled Joan.

The scene of his meeting with Joan last time came to his mind. His eyes rolled and seemed to be contemplating about something.

It was a clean and tidy room with snow-white paint on it.

Although it was narrow, it was enough for Joan.

The designer of the private studio she worked for provided a room for her.

Joan rubbed her swollen eyes and inadvertently glanced at the clock at the corner of her desk. It was already two o'clock in the morning, but she had only finished a third of the orders in her hand. She had worked for several nights, but she was unable to finish her task. She always got one order after another.

Raising her head and drinking a mouthful of bitter coffee, Joan forced herself to cheer up and began to sketch carefully again.

"Joan, it's so late. You must be tired,"

The door was opened suddenly, with a smell of alcohol rushing in.

Joan stood up all of a sudden, looking warily at the man. "Designer Liu, what is the matter?"

This man was the boss of her private studio. He also signed his name on her design drafts.

Joan always cut off her contacts with Todd Liu, except for giving them drafts. She wouldn't see him in person.

'It is late. What is he doing here...'

Todd Liu chuckled as he raised the midnight snack in his hand, "I know you must be very tired working these days, so I bring you some snacks. Don't be so nervous, my dear. You've been here for more than half a month. We haven't talked much yet."

He said, walking a few steps towards Joan.

Every step he took forward, Joan took a step back. It was not until her back was pressed against a cold wall that she realized that there was no way back.

"Joan, you seem to be scared of me. It's okay. I won't bite you. I just want to -".

Todd Liu narrowed his eyes with a lustful look, trying to touch Joan's face.

From the first day he saw Joan, he had always wanted to have this natural beauty. But Joan had been on guard against him as if he were a wolf, making him unable to do anything to her. He had endured it for so long. It was time for him to take actions while he was drunk.

"Don't touch me!" Joan reached out and pushed him away. "Todd Liu, please behave yourself," she yelled.

"Joan, I took you in out of kindness, so you wouldn't have been wandering on the street. You should be grateful," said Todd Liu in an upset tone. Look at you, you have worked so hard these days. Your face is even thinner than before. It makes my heart ache to see you like this! Will you... consider what I have told you?

Joan clenched her fists with her face in deadpan. "That's impossible."

She could ignore some of her self-esteem, such as let others steal her works to exchange money. But some dignity, she couldn't ignore.

Therefore, she always turned him down when he had asked her to submit herself to him.

Seeing this, Todd Liu raised his hand, threw the meal to the ground, and then pounced on Joan. He had great strength. Joan couldn't get rid of him and was thrown onto the bed.

She was choked by the strong smell of alcohol on her face.

"Bitch, you are just a abandoned woman who has been in jail. How can you say no to me? I will give you time just because you were once the daughter of the Gu family. Do you really think you are still the rich lady famous in the city? Don't be so shameless! Humph, I really want to know what a miserable girl will be like. "

Alcohol makes one brave. The more he drank, the bolder he became.

As she struggled, she caught a glimpse of the transparent glass at the corner of the table. In a hurry, she grabbed the glass and hit it hard on the back side of Todd Liu's head.

Todd Liu's eyes widened in surprise, and then his heavy body fell down softly. The warm liquid streamed down Joan's hands and body.

Joan knew what it was.

But she didn't have time to think too much. She quickly stuffed some important things into her handbag and ran. But she dashed into two broad and strong arms.

"Mr. Lu?"

When a cup of warm water was handed to her, she came back to her senses. Looking at the man standing in front of her, she said in a low voice, "Thank you."

His dark eyes fell on her pale face and the blood stains on her clothes. He remained silent, but his face darkened.

He received an urgent call from Selina Zhang in the middle of the night, and Selina Zhang was right. The designer named Todd Liu was indeed ill-behaved, but he did not expect that he was bold like this. Thanks to his keeping an eye on Joan, he had been able to get the news in the first place.

When he arrived, he bumped into Joan, whose clothes were in a mess.

She shuddered in his arms and bit her lips with pain and panic in her eyes. Compared with the rainy night when she just got out of prison, Joan was even more embarrassed tonight.

"You can stay here tonight."

Joan was stunned. "I... I don't think..."

She just met Darren twice. Moreover, to Joan, Darren was totally a stranger, and he was the sort of nobles she hated most now.

Learning a lesson from the past, she was unwilling to have contacts with the so-called excellent man.

"Do you think you have anywhere else to go?"

Joan furrowed and remained silent.

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