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   Chapter 9 Personal Assistant

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Scott frowned in disgust and walked away, ignoring Laura who tried to get close to him. Laura's face turned pale.

"Mom..." Joan wanted to take her card back. She wouldn't take Scott's money.

"Don't call me mom! I have never had a daughter in jail like you! " Laura glared at Joan in disgust and said, "Joan, what are you doing here? Why is there a divorce agreement?! Good! You've been in prison for three years. Are you insane?! To divorce with Scott! "

Celia, who was standing beside, had been angered a lot by the indifference of Scott. Now that Scott had left, she was going to give a vent of her anger on Joan. "Who do you think you are? How can you be so shameless to divorce Scott? Joan, do you still think you are the daughter of the rich Gu family! Don't pretend to be pure and lofty. You make me sick! "

Joan's stepmother and stepsister always hated her. Joan didn't bother to argue with them. She came home for one purpose. "Where is my father's graveyard?" she asked.

Laura froze for a moment, and then her face darkened. She threw the handbag from her hand to the ground. Joan noticed that it was a classic collection of the Prada, which was worth a lot of money. What's more, her jewels were of top class luxury brands. But what was most obvious was that on the collar of the woman, there were hickeys! In the past few years, after the her father died and the Gu's company went bankrupt, the widow still lived a happy life!

A gust of chill swept over her and she was so furious. But Laura didn't notice it and kept on talking.

"Joan, how dare you mention your father? It's all your fault! You killed him! How could the Gu family has a daughter like you? How humiliating! Oh, if I were you, I would be too ashamed to stand here now. Do you know that you have ruined the whole Gu Company... "

"Where is my father's grave?" Joan interrupted her. Her face was as cold as ice. She cast a sharp glance at Laura, who could not help shuddering and telling her the cremains of her father subconsciously.

Joan knew what she wanted to know. She didn't want to stay there any longer.

"Joan, go. You will never be able to come back to the house again! Unless... Tell me the password of this bank card honestly. I put a lot of effort to keep this house. If you dare to divorce with Scott, you should know the consequence. I won't take you in for nothing! "

Standing up, Joan slowly turned around, staring at the arrogant stepmother in front of her with her dark eyes with a mocking smile on her lips. "Mrs. Xu, since you are not my mother, you don't have to worry about me. You'd better keep an eye on your own daughter."

She heard Linda said that since the bankruptcy of Gu Company, Celia Xu had always wanted to marry a rich man and returned to a good life. She started to date a rich guy, but it didn't take long for the man to dump her and fall in love with another woman. Celia Xu was famous for being a shrew in her circle. But she was beautiful and knew well about men's thoughts, so guys were willing to date her.

In fact, before she married to Scott, Celia had also put a lot of thoughts into the relationship with him. However, Scott had finally chosen Joan, which made Celia hate her more.

Both two women in the living room had a long face. Joan clenched her fists and walked straight towards the cemetery in the suburb.

She left in a hurry and didn't notice a strange silver Bentley parked in front of her house.

A handsome and elegant face was reflected on the car window. His eyes were on Joan until she disappeared from his sight.

In a graceful manner, the man untied the delicate and precious silver sleeve, loosened th

e tie around his neck slowly, and scratched to open a file bag on the black suit trousers with his slender fingers.

"It turns out that she is the woman who got married to Scott three years ago. She is a little different from the rumor."

More than three years ago, he did not enter S City, but the news about the marriage was overwhelming. It was not difficult for him to know it. One was the most graceful woman in S City, the other was the leader of the construction industry. The marriage between the daughter of Gu family and the young master of the Jian family made a lot of people jealous, although it was for profit. Joan had a talent in architecture and design, which promoted the fast development of the Jian Company. The big orders in the past were all made by her.

However, within just half a year, the scandal of Joan being sentenced to jail because of attempted murder was disclosed. The Gu Company was on the decline till it went bankrupt. However, the undercurrent was not as simple as it seemed.

Darren lowered his eyes and said, "Okay, let's go back."

In the driver's seat, the secretary was confused. Since Mr. Lu had seen the file about Joan, he had asked her to investigate Joan's schedule, and had cancelled several important meetings only to come to the Gu family's house to have a look at her back?

It was not Mr. Lu's style.

But as a subordinate, she could only keep her doubts to herself.

In the desolate cemetery, only Joan was there.

She looked around and there were many tombs.

Joan knelt down in front of a tombstone that had grown a lot of weeds. She stretched out her trembling finger and swept the dust off the tombstone bit by bit. In the black and white picture, her father was still smiling happily. Joan's nose twitched and she began to sob.

"Dad, I'm sorry..." As soon as she opened her mouth, she fell to the gravestone. Sadness and sorrow in the past three years had flooded her.

She stayed until the night fell. She finally felt more clear-minded when when the wind blew her face. Joan looked up at the sky and saw a bright crescent hanging in the sky.

Biting her lower lip, Joan staggered to her feet. From now on, she had no one to rely on except for herself. But she will live well.

However, the reality was much more difficult than Joan had imagined.

Because of her criminal record, many companies dared not to hire her. She majored in architecture and design, and she used to be a famous genius goddess in the P University. She even won a national award. However, these certificates were nothing compared to the negative impact of attempted murder.

Joan had go to the small companies before, but most of the companies had turned her down. Some of them had informed her of the interview, but it turned out that it was the boss who was coveting her beauty and even asked her if she was willing to be a mistress.

She didn't believe there was no place in s city that could accept her.

In the office, Darren listened to his secretary report on what had happened to Joan recently. He took a deep drag on his cigarette and leaned against the sofa with his eyes closed. No emotions could be seen in his eyes.

The desk in front of him was the photo of Joan, who had knelt in front of the graveyard and cried. The sight of her doing that made Darren's heart ache.

When he heard that Joan had failed in finding a job, he furrowed his brows. 'It has been more than a month since she left home. Will she continue to have a rough time like this?'

The former rich young lady was now down and out...

"Miss Gu is now working as a private assistant in a studio."

'Private? Assistant?'

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