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   Chapter 8 Don't Regret It

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She opened the door but found nothing in the house. Three years had passed, and the house became much colder than it used to be. With a tour of the house, she found that many of her father's previous collections were gone.

Joan was exhausted. She went to her bedroom, got into bed and fell asleep quickly.

By the time Joan woke up again, the night was falling. The setting sun shone through half-closed curtains into the room, adding dusk color to everything in the room.

Joan opened the door, rubbed her sleepy eyes, and slowly walked downstairs. Although she slept well after stayed up for a whole night, she could still feel a slight headache.

"Joan." Scott said in a cold voice. Joan suddenly opened her eyes and looked towards the direction of the voice.

On the sofa of the living room, the man, dressed in a dark grey suit, leaned his tall body in the sofa. His dark black eyes were staring at her. It was hard to tell what the man was thinking.

Celia Xu, who was standing next to Scott, was pleasing the man. Her eyes were full of enthusiasm. However, the man didn't have reaction at all.

Upon seeing Joan, Scott stood up from the couch and pointed at a file on the tea table. The words "divorce agreement" were on the paper. With his gloomy face, Scott asked in a cold voice, "Joan, are you divorcing me?"

Since Joan left the house that day, she had never shown up again. In fact, Scott hadn't taken it seriously. He had observed Joan's affection towards him and assumed that she had merely wanted to draw his attention through such a trick. To his surprise, early in the morning, a lawyer called him, saying that he had been entrusted by Joan to deal with a divorce.

Joan had been in prison for three years, and she had got a nerve. She had not only cuckolded him, but also asked for a divorce. He was the young master of the rich and powerful family. However, he felt insulted when the divorce agreement was threw away by a woman from the jail.

Joan was a little surprised to see the divorce agreement. She didn't expect the lawyer that Linda introduced to her was so efficient. On the way to interview Darren, she made a phone call with the lawyer and asked him about the details of the divorce, and then the lawyer drew up the agreement.

"Yes, I want a divorce."

Scott squinted at her and tried to figure out whether she was telling the truth.

Joan knew what was on Scott's mind, and she didn't intend to beat around the bush. Their marriage had been a mistake from the very beginning. She said to him, "Scott, sign it now. After we get divorce, you can get a new marriage certificate. I think it's kind of good for you."

Since he didn't love her, she thought there was no need to tangle him. A short pain is better than a long-term pain. Joan was willing to get rid of it earlier. In the past three years in prison, she had almost figured it out. When she met Scott again, and his affair, she even more firmly believed that she wanted to divorce him.

She was still young.

"You know what, Joan, you will get nothing if you divorce me," When they got married, the property before marriage was notarized and the property after they got married was distributed clearly. Although they were a couple, the common property of them was at

most the furniture in the villa.

When her father passed away, Joan inherited some of the family properties through the law. But before she got the them, all the properties were used to cover up the bankruptcy of the Gu family, including several real estates of the family. All of them were sold, which had nothing to do with her anymore.

If she divorced with Scott, she would have nothing.

Joan took a deep breath and said flatly, "I know."

Something flashed through Scott's eyes. He started to look at her from a new perspective. She was thinner than she was three years ago, but her face was still as delicate and beautiful as it was before. She was attractive and made

people unconsciously addicted to her.

To tell the truth, Joan was really beautiful. Her face was one of the best in S City, and her temperament and cultivation were considered to be very superior among the socialites. He was also a moment touched by her impeccable perfection. He might really fall in love with her, if it weren't for...

His eyes dimmed and he came to his senses. After Joan was released from prison, he felt that something was different. The way she looked at him was not as affectionate as before. All he could see was indifference.

He was not used to this feeling.

"What are you waiting for?" Joan picked up the pen, turned to the last page of the agreement, signed her name on it, and handed it to Scott.

Although he didn't know why, all he could see was the familiar handwriting of Joan and the dazzling light behind it.

"Okay. Think twice. Don't expect to get a penny from me."

Scott took the pen from her hand. Their fingertips touched for a moment, but then separated quickly. Joan felt that warmth of their fingertips were burning her heart. Although she had told herself countless times not to be sad for such a person, she still could not help but fill her eyes with tears.

Did he think what she wanted was money? From the first day she knew him, she had never thought of his money!

Scott raised his head and saw the water in her eyes. His heart skipped a beat and he stopped writing.

"Don't regret it."

After a quick signing, Scott returned to his usual indifference. He walked out two steps and turned back. He took out a card from his wallet, threw it to Joan and said, "Take it. That's how I make it up to you. I don't want to hear anyone say that I'm mean to you."

Hearing that, Joan felt her blood was boiling. She knew that Scott was humiliating her.

"What happened? Why didn't you tell me that you came? Joan? What are you doing here? " The door of Gu's house was opened, and an elegant lady came in. Her long and narrow eyes swept around the two people in the living room, and noticed the signed divorce agreement on the tea table.

"You want to divorce? !"

Joan bent over to pick up the card and blocked Scott's way. She stared at him coldly and said word by word, "Scott, take your money and get out! I don't want to see you for the rest of my life. "

It was not until then that Laura Xu noticed the bank card in Joan's hand. Her eyes flashed with greed. She rushed over to Joan in two or three steps and grabbed the card from her own hand. "Scott is so rich. I'm afraid it can't be that simple just to give us a card."

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