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   Chapter 2 I'm Not Interested In You At All

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Joan looked around the room, seeing what else she could throw at the strange man in front of her. But Darren had already walked to her and grabbed her hands tightly.

"Woman, do you want to die?" Darren squinted his eagle-like eyes, looking incredibly dangerous.

"You bastard! Rapist!" She tried to struggle, but the man held her tightly, which made her unable to get rid of him.

"Rapist?" Darren asked incredulously. As he looked at Joan's angry face, he suddenly understood what she was thinking about.

The man raised his eyes and glanced at Joan's chest, which was half covered by the thin quilt. He squinted at her mischievously. "Don't think for one second that you intrigue me the least bit," he said coldly. "But if you keep seducing me with your actions, I wouldn't mind changing my taste."

Joan's face turned stiff. So nothing happened between them? But she was naked on the bed. There was no one else in the room except them. This didn't make sense.

Joan could tell from the man's teasing tone that he was looking over at her naked body. "Jerk!" she shouted at him.

She felt disgusted at the way men acted. Scott had cheated on her while they were married. And this strange playboy came out of nowhere. "Get away from me! You're disgusting, dirty man!" Joan said angrily though gritted teeth.

In the past twenty-seven years, Darren had heard a lot of praise and compliment -- this was the first time he had ever been insulted like this. Instantly, his sculptural handsome face became overcast. 'I really shouldn't have brought this woman here,' he thought.

The next second, he burst into laughter. "Playing hard to get is out of date. Last night, you bawled and practically begged me to take you home. I don't see you keeping your integrity right then."

Joan was totally confused. Did she really do that? How could it be?

As soon as he thought of what had happened last night, his handsome face darkened again.

Joan well unconscious on the ground when she bumped into Darren. Although he was very unwilling to help her, he still did. It was because it was already causing quite a scene. No matter what Darren did, Joan wouldn't let go of his clothes. What's more, she kept babbling about how he was a heartless unfaithful man who abandoned her and dated two women at the same time. If he hadn't stopped her in time, she would have said more nonsense.

In his whole life, he had never been humiliated like this.

To make sure that she wouldn't go anywhere else and continue to speak ill of him, he had no choice but to check in the hotel with Joan.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Joan snapped back.

He raised his eyes and looked at her playfully. Leaning in, he whispered in her ear. "Pretty face, fine figure. But too thin. Not really that pleasurable to touch."

Joan's face blushed. She had never been flirted like this before.

With his beautiful eyes narrowed, Darren didn't want to waste his breath, so he said, "Name a price."

What price?

Noticing the confusion in Joan's eyes, the corners of Darren's mouth lifted into a smirk. "Five hundred thousand?"

He didn't really like Joan, but he thought she was more interesting than those women who only tried to seduce him. He wanted to make fun of her to see if she could bring him any surprises.

"You bastard!" Joan yelled when she realized what he was implying.

The woman in front of him was like a lion whose sensitive spot was poked. Their faces and bodies were so close to one another's. The heat of her words was lingering around his neck.

"Are you saying that you bumped into me by accident? That you were not just trying to play hard to get?"

The m

an straightened up, looking down at Joan. His voice was relatively mild, but Joan truly felt the wild and arrogant tone behind it. Only people with big egos could have this kind of attitude.

Joan tried to catch her breath, trying to calm down. Thinking of the heavy rain and everything that had happened yesterday, Joan could not help but feel sad. She lowered her eyes and said, "Yesterday... Yesterday was really... I have my reasons."

Her long eyelashes couldn't hide the pain in her eyes. Darren was touched by her expression.

In fact, as soon as he brought Joan back to the hotel, he had already known that the woman had a very high fever and that she had been talking nonsense. She hadn't stopped mumbling to herself until Darren had asked a waiter to change her clothes and get her some medicine. Even when she was fast asleep, her pale face was filled with pain and sorrow.

His grip on her wrist was starting to hurt badly. Joan only wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible. After some wriggles, he didn't seem to loosen his grip at all. "Let go of me. You're overthinking too much. I'm not interested in a man like you at all!" she said in an irritated tone.

A hint of coldness flashed through his eyes. If he saw it right, there were disgust and contempt in her face. 'Does she really think she could easily say that without getting away with it?

She's too bold,' Darren sneered.

Before he could say anything, his phone rang. He cast a warning glance at Joan and let go of her hand, walking over to his phone on the table.

The man stood by the window, his slender figure appearing to be even more profound in the shadow of the light. Pulling out a cigarette on the window sill, he lit it with his slender fingers, smoking rising up and wafting out.

“…… Darren, are you still thinking about that name -- "

"Enough. I don't want to hear about it anymore. I will bring you a daughter-in-law as soon as possible," Darren interrupted in a low voice. He knew what his mother was talking about, but he didn't want to hear that name. And he was even afraid of hearing it.

Mrs. Lu called to urge him to get married as soon as possible. Yesterday, he left the Su family's daughter, Zoey, behind. Zoey's mother just came by toady to scold him.

Darren frowned and rubbed his temples. He suddenly remembered that there was another person in the room. Covering the phone with his hand, he whispered loudly at Joan. "I'm warning you. I can pretend as if nothing has happened as long as you get out of this room and keep your mouth shut. And stop blurting out things that you shouldn't say! There is nothing between us."

But Joan made no answer. Darren waited for another few seconds, and still there was no response.

"What tricks are you playing this time......" the voice on the other end of the phone asked. Darren suddenly stopped speaking. He squinted his eyes, his face sullen.

He walked to the bed and pulled the quilt aside. Joan was nowhere to be found.

How could she run away like that? !

Darren's face darkened as he abruptly ended the call. In a few minutes, he discreetly went downstairs to the underground parking lot, wearing nothing but a bathrobe, and got inside his car.

'That woman will pay for this! She came and crawled into bed, only to yell at me and steal my clothes!' A friend of his came to his car with a fresh set of clothes. The moment he saw Darren, he started bawling with laughter.

"I never thought that the dignified Mr. Lu would be eaten up and thrown away by a woman one day. Hahaha!"

Darren glared at Henry Su, his lips pressed into a fine line. 'The next time I see that girl, I won't let her go easily.'

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