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   Chapter 394 (Part One)

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Subconsciously, Eric stepped forward and asked, "Why are you here, Amy?"

An ominous premonition rose in Melissa's heart again. She had been restless since she received the call from Colin this morning, and now she saw Amy, which confirmed her ominous feeling. She asked, "What's wrong with your brother?"

Eric said anxiously, "Amy, think it over. Did your brother agree you to come here?"

Holding Eric's hand, Melissa asked Amy, "What's wrong with your brother?"

Amy had been staring at Melissa coldly all the time. This morning, Amy saw that her brother called Melissa and her brother came back from the coma. So she came back to the country to look for Melissa. She used the private plane of the Ling Group to come back quickly just to find Melissa and take her to the United States. She didn't care whether Melissa would be happy or not in the future. She just wanted her to help his brother. With her encouragement, his brother should have the motivation to live on, shouldn't he? She didn't want to lose another family member!

Tears streamed down her face. Amy said coldly, "My brother is dying. If you want to see him for the last time, go to America with me!"

"Amy!" Eric wanted to stop her, but it was too late. Amy had spoken it.

This time, it was Melissa that turned to be stunned. She murmured, "What did you say?"

Amy repeated it coldly, "My brother is dying. Do you hear that?" "But before he died, the person he cared about most was you!"

"Why is your brother going to die?" It seemed that Melissa couldn't wake up from the bad news. She thought she was dreaming, just like what she had dreamed last night!

"Do you know why he left you?" Tears streamed down Amy face.

"Amy!" Eric stopped her again, but Amy still said, "Because he has the same disease as my mother the inherited disease of Ling family. There is only 1% chance of him getting the disease in every generation, but he is the 1% person. You saw my mother die with your own eyes, so you are very clear about the conditi

l heartbroken? He is even more painful than you, because he has endured all the truth and replaced all the sins! "You think he is wrong, but how can you think that he has such a big trouble behind him? How much pain he has suffered alone!"

It took Melissa a while to realize how cruel the truth was. It was one thousand times and ten thousand times more cruel than she had expected, as if it had been killed in her heart. She finally cried, shook her head and said, "I don't know. I don't know how serious the matter is." I always feel that it was not a coincidence. There must be some reason. Colin would not leave me for no reason! "But he didn't tell me, and you kept the truth from me. Why did you hide it from me? Why didn't you let me know?"

Seeing that Melissa was shouting, Eric stepped forward, held her hand and said, "Melissa, don't be like this. Calm down. Calm down!" "You can't always be influenced by this man's affairs!"

However, Melissa was infuriated. She shook off Eric's hand and complained, "Why can't I be affected by his matter?" Eric, why did you keep the truth from me? Why? You know I have been tortured by this matter day and night. I don't ask for anything. I just want the truth. But why don't you tell me? Even now he is dying, don't you want to tell me? "Don't you want me to know the truth even if he dies?"

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