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   Chapter 393 (Part Two)

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After greeting and having breakfast, Director Billy asked Melissa, "Has Eric told you about my movie?" "It's a story about a woman dressed up as a man, and there's also……"

Billy roughly told the story to her. This time, he was very approachable and didn't put on airs to her. He just told Melissa with a simple mind that this movie, and he didn't mention Honor Award, which surprised her. Because in her impression, Director Billy didn't like her very much. He had been very arrogant to her when they cooperated last time, but she didn't expect that this time he was very good to her. Moreover, he chose her to shoot a movie with her when she was most neglected.

On the way here, Eric roughly told Melissa about the movie. The role was a chivalrous woman who was trained as a killer by the demon sect with several boys. The sect leader was a very evil person, who was very bad to everyone except her. When she grew up, she became the sect leader and continued to conquer the martial arts for the sect leader. She also became the most powerful woman in martial arts. But no one knew that she was a woman, and the hero in the play also accidentally knew her identity again. Because she treated the sect leader as her father, she had always thought that the sect leader's concepts were correct and that the demonic cult was the right one. However, after colliding with the righteous killing and concepts, she realized that everything she did was wrong, and even her birth was a mistake. She began to betray the sect leader and kill him, but after winning, the decent behavior of killing the demon sect without any principle stimulated her again. The decent was known as a teacher of humanity and duty. Who was the devil? What irritated her more was that the sect leader was really her father. Back then, he was chased by the righteous unconditionally just to be with his mother, and finally he was forced into a devil.

In the movie, the righteous behavior was more like a demon, but the decent was just a hypocrite who followed the high sounding moral and moral. The heroine's idea was overturned for two times, and she discussed the things of human nature for the world for two times. What was the justice? Did she follow the high sounding rules or really consider human nature?

Billy said, "There are two difficult aspects for you to play the role of Zoe in the play. One is the ability of a woman to disguise as a man, and the other is the experience of two times when her ideas are overturned. You must have something in your heart to act, and your idea is different from others. You have to shock th

er. You'd better not shoot other movies in the months of cooperation with me. I don't want my actors to be distracted!"

Melissa nodded and smiled, "I understand!" In fact, she was very grateful to director Billy for being able to cooperate with him and being inspired by him so much. She would definitely shoot his movie well, and how could she be willing to distract to shoot other movies? Besides, no director could make people feel that shooting was an art and a kind of enjoyment like director Billy? What she wanted to do was to pursue art.

When she left with Eric, Melissa was in a better mood. At first, she was a little anxious about what happened to Colin and Director Billy, but after meeting Director Billy, she was much better and more confident in her future.

Seeing the smile on her face, Eric asked, "What did you say to Director Billy that makes you so happy when I left just now?"

"Nothing. He said we are the same person."

"What kind of person?"

Melissa said, "I won't tell you. You'll know when we shoot in the future!" "Why didn't you tell me when you became the hero? And I didn't tell you either! "

Eric shrugged helplessly and said, "Okay!" But she was still very happy. He drove Melissa home first and then planned to go to the company, but he met Amy downstairs of Melissa.

It never occurred to Melissa that Amy would appear here. She had never seen anyone from the Ling family since she broke up with Colin. But today, Amy suddenly appeared and stared at her seriously and decisively. What did she mean?

Surprised, Melissa went up and asked, "Why are you here, Amy?"

Eric frowned and had an ominous premonition of Amy's appearance.

"Let's talk about my brother." Amy said coldly.

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