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   Chapter 392 (Part One)

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Colin still didn't figure out the situation. He felt that he was pulled back halfway when he slipped into a huge bottomless hole. Standing at the entrance of the cave, Melissa looked at him in confusion and asked, "Colin?"

How much Colin wanted to see her. He missed her day and night. He thought her soul would never come to accompany him for the rest of his life, and she wouldn't even come until he died. But he didn't expect that she still came, waiting for him at the nearest place. "Melissa, you're finally here." said Colin sadly.

His voice was so low that it's faint to reach to the side of Melissa through the phone, so that Melissa couldn't grasp what happened to him. When she received the call from Colin for no reason, she was not ready yet. Sadness, anger, surprise, confusion and other general emotions were full of her heart, so that she did not know how to deal with such a scene, and did not know how to react. Hearing the low voice of Colin, she knew that his situation must be not simple, so she asked, "What's wrong with you?" "Where are you now?"

But Colin was satisfied as long as he could see her. He didn't care whether she was confused or cold to him. He just wanted to see her at the last moment. So he sighed in a low voice, "Melissa, you're finally here!"

Doctor Jackson and the others looked at each other. They knew that Colin was in a serious condition so that he would have an illusion, and Colin might think that he had seen Melissa. The nurse whispered to Dr. Jackson, "His heart-beat has recovered again. And all indexes have become right. Are we going to have an operation?"

Dr. Jackson nodded and ordered the people around him, "Give Mr. Ling a narcotic. We'll prepare for the operation right away!" This was the last chance for Colin. If it weren't for the phone call from Melissa, he might have died. Now that Colin was finally pulled back by Melissa, of course they had to carry out the operation immediately. If it was delayed, the chance of pulling him back might disappear.

On the other side, listening to the call of Colin, Melissa seemed to have guessed something. She grabbed the phone nervously and asked, "Are you in the hospital, Colin?" She had a strong premonition. In addition, she had a nightmare last night, so s

to me?" How can I rest assured that you always miss Colin? "And I will be very angry!"

"I don't miss him……"

"Then why do you still care about him and where he goes?"

Melissa couldn't say anything. She didn't know why she cared about where he went. She just wanted to know the reason why he broke up. She didn't want to be dumped for no reason!

Eric said, "Then promise me that you won't miss him anymore. It was you who proposed to be my girlfriend. You should be responsible for our relationship!"

Seeing that he was so painful, Melissa had no choice but to calm down. At least, she couldn't show too much attachment to the past in front of Eric. She could only nod and say, "I promise you!"

Eric kissed her and put his forehead against hers. He sighed and said, "I believe you!" Then he hugged her tightly. Qingyan also hugged her in silence, but she still thought of the phone call from Colin. She could only close her eyes and force herself to forget.

Later, Eric took her to see director Billy. The morning tea was held in a private room of a hotel. Director Billy with one of his assistants and a producer who had a long-term cooperation with him met Melissa and Eric. She didn't even have time to inform Zack, but she didn't want him to come. She would be separated from him sooner or later. It was better for her to take this opportunity to improve her negotiation ability. Director Billy was a cooperative director with her, and with the company of Eric, Director Billy wouldn't trap her.

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