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   Chapter 386 (Part Two)

One Kiss Less By Little Red Cap Characters: 5676

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Shen's mother Jenny mumbled, "It's better if she could really forget it. I'm afraid that she will never change. You don't know that sometimes my daughter is as stubborn as her father!"

Eric clenched his fists and felt a little nervous. He had worried about Melissa's decision before, because he remembered the hurt he had suffered before. This time, when Melissa was with him, she could really forget the past, instead of going to see Colin again when Colin came back? No matter how much he loved her, he couldn't bear her hurt and betrayal again and again. But could Colin really come back? What if Colin came back?

"I hope you……" With her…… "Get married as soon as possible. If you succeed, she will accept the fate!" Jenny persuaded him again.

Eric asked uneasily, "Aunt, are you really not going to tell her about Colin's affair?"

"What did you tell her?" "Do you want her to know so that she is going to face a greater pain?" Jenny said excitedly, "Eric, I know you're in a difficult position. I know you are unwilling to hide it from her, but have you ever thought about the consequences of telling her?" Since she had chosen to forget it, why did you deliberately provoke her? "Let her slowly forget it. Sometimes people don't have to be together. It's fair to say that people are born to be matched with each other. Since she has chosen to forget that person, let her forget it. There is no regret. When she gets old and gives up this relationship, she won't be so painful to know the truth. It's better to hide it than letting her know the result. It will be painful for a lifetime to tell her now!"

"Why don't you like Colin so much, aunt?" Eric asked her again.

Shen's mothe

years old this year. However, she had been in the entertainment circle for a long time because she had been in the commercial field for a long time. She had achieved outstanding results in less than a year and was regarded as the most potential new employee by the company. Lulu was tall and fair skinned, with long black hair. She was born in a rich family, beautiful and elegant. Her family was rich and powerful, and they loved her very much, so her family was willing to spend money to pave the way for her. This year, Lulu went well, and she had received many TV shows and cooperated with famous stars. At the sight of her, Melissa thought she would be popular and she was well, except for her acting skill.

Anna took a drag on her cigarette and said, "She has to apologize to me. Not mention to the daughter from rich family. Shouldn't she compensate me when she smashed other people's things?" "How can you be so unreasonable, miss?"

Lulu pouted and said, "I didn't mean to do that. Why do you make things difficult for me?" "It's just a guitar. I don't think it's worth much. I'll give you ten times the money, okay?"

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