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   Chapter 383 (Part Two)

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Eric was shocked by her words with his eyes wide open.

Melissa added, "Don't you love me?" "I'm serious this time!"

Looking at her confused, broken and depressed face, Eric knew that she was in a fit of pique. She threw herself into another man's arms sadly and dejectedly because she couldn't get Colin. Unfortunately, he didn't want this kind of love. It was pity for him, not to be with him sincerely. Eric frowned and said, "If you did this for the sake of pissing off Colin, you don't have to. It's not worth it, and I don't need a love in anger. I want to wait for you to be with me sincerely!"

"Don't you believe me?" Melissa added, "Or you think I'm drunk, so you think I am talking nonsense?"

"You are indeed drunk. Go to bed early!" Eric was about to stand up.

But all of a sudden, Melissa grabbed his hand and said, "Eric, look at me. Do you think I'm really drunk tonight?"

Hearing her strong tone, Eric looked back and found that she was indeed very sober, staring at him with burning eyes.

Melissa slowly stood up and looked into his eyes. She said in a low voice, "Eric, I've thought about it for a long time tonight. I really should forget him!" "You also said that I should accept a new relationship and forget him, but why do you hide now?"

"Melissa, I don't want to accept your pity. I'm not your backup. Do you understand?" Eric touched her hair and said earnestly, "I love you very much, but it is like you to be with me in such a state of mind, I'd rather wait patiently, waiting for one day when you sincerely want to be with me!"

He was a man with self-esteem. Even if he loved her very much, he still hoped that she could be with him. But he really didn't want to b

me. No one wants me!"

A few strands of her long curled hair fell down, coupled with her tearful expression, there was unspeakable tenderness and pity. Then Eric reached out and touched her face, "Melissa……"

With tears in her eyes, Melissa stared at him and asked, "Eric, don't you want me anymore?" "Do you think I'm dirty and stupid, so you don't want me anymore?"

Perhaps he was moved by her expression, or perhaps he felt sorry for her. Eric sighed and suddenly pressed her face down with his hands. Then he slowly raised her head and approached her lips to gently kiss her.

When their lips and teeth intertwined, Melissa closed her eyes and two teardrops fell on Eric's face. Touched, Eric kissed her more actively. After Eric kissed her for a while, with the intention of throwing caution to the wind, Melissa held Eric's head and responded enthusiastically.

Eric's eyes were gradually filled with confusion. He had always wanted her, and now he was losing his mind. He had said that he didn't want to get her in such a situation, and he didn't want her to be with him when she was in a fit of pique, but now he wavered.

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